Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Books Are Not Dead (Yet!)

Reading books may not be dead but, in a modern middle school, sometimes the readers look that way.

Thom Powell was covering for an absent librarian the other day when something alarming caught his eye. The girl was sprawled out on the library carpet, not moving.  He rushed over.  (Bloggers refer to themselves in the third person.  It's a search engine thing,) 
 To his relief, the student was showing signs of life: she was holding a book. 
   "Are you OK? he asked. 
   "Yeah, my back just hurts from sitting all day.  It feels good to lie here like this."
    "Well, then...." was all he could think to say.. After all, she was reading and causing no apparent problems except for the possibility of getting carpet cooties in her hair. He decided to leaver her be.
     One sees some strange things in a modern library, and one of them is the observation that most people in there appear to be getting their information from computer screens rather than books, per se.
     Is that a bad thing? It is difficult to be say.  Whether it is a screen or a book, they're still reading.  It does seem that there are exceptions to this trend toward computers as the primary information delivery systems. There are still a lot of people, even kids, who still enjoy books. In at least one Portland, Oregon middle school, lots of kids are reading books.
    Amazingly enough, sometimes they even read aloud to each other! We have pictures to prove it. 
    Let the record show that our future leaders are still least some of them.

Have you ever seen a scene that warms the heart more than a middle schooler reading aloud to her attentive fellow students? Note the title of the book: a kid friendly volume that can be found elsewhere on this blog.   Is it cheating to trick kids into doing more reading by regaling them with fictional  tales of the sasquatch?  You make the call, but it's hard to argue with results.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thom Powell Interviewed by the Sasquatch Syndicate Team

Two digital media professionals on a fishing trip in the Pacific Northwest stumbled upon an intricately decorated clear cut somewhere way out in the woods.  They described this on the air and a listener immediately called in to inform them, to their surprise, that they were describing a bigfoot deal. Always up for exploring a good controversy, down the rabbit hole they went. That was 1992 and here they are 25 years later, still a bit puzzled but still exploring this hirsute and enigmatic mystery.    

Thom Powell first met Chuck at a 2016 bigfoot conference in Bremerton, WA. From this chance meeting came an enduring connection.  Over a period of months, Thom and Chuck continued a dialogue that gradually led Chuck right over the edges,  The 'Edges of Science', that is, which happens to be the title of Thom Powell's new book.

Soon after the signed copy of Edges of Science landed in the hands of for Chuck's son Hunter, the Sasquatch Syndicate was born.  Two years have now elapsed and Chuck and Paul have just taken things to a whole new by presenting this exclusive podcast interview of Thom Powell.

Whether you are of the 'flesh and blood' ape or homin camp, the paranormal, or even the alien view of sasquatch origin, we have something for you. This wide-ranging interview with Thom Powell covers the numerous and varied facets of the sasquatch mystery. The interview is fun, it is open, and it is a definite paradigm shifter.  

You can find the whole interview at the Sasquatch Syndicate Website or you can listen to it it just by clicking on this link

The Sasquatch Syndicate, by the way, is a Washington State non-profit organization that promotes research efforts that contribute to the wider recognition of the sasquatchs' existence, no matter what they turn out to be.
Signed copies of Edges of Science can be ordered from the author at this link. Unsigned copies can be purchased at but if you listen to Chuck and Todd's whole podcast interview with Thom Powell, you might not even need to buy the book.