Monday, December 18, 2017

The Giant Skeleton Mystery

     Few folks seem to be aware of a fairly astounding fact: beginning in the early 1800's, hundreds, maybe thousands of giant skeletons were periodically exhumed from burial mounds, ancient earthworks, and caves around the North American continent. Because they were often found in associations with mysterious mounds and circular earthworks called henges, it was assumed that the race of giants represented by these giant skeletal remains were the builders of the mysterious and sometimes huge mounds that dot the landscape throughout the Midwest.  The skeletons ranged from seven feet to an incredible twelve feet tall!  The skulls were equally huge, and they often contained double rows of teeth in both the upper and lower jaw.  
7 ft. skeleton found near Serpent Mound in Ohio and that's not including the lower legs and feet which were removed!
Typically, these mysterious skeletons were discovered by 'pot-hunters' who happened upon them while indiscriminately digging into the ancient mounds in search of Native American jewelry and other valuable artifacts. Other times, the skeletons were discovered quite by accident when some ruralite happened to be digging a foundation or exploring a newly discovered cave.  Anthropology was in its infancy in the mid-nineteenth century so the job of recovering, preserving, and documenting these amazing skeletons was always botched .In many cases, these incredibly mysterious and valuable skeletons were just taken home by the finder.
     At least three hundred enormous skeletons were dug up in the state of Ohio alone. Dozens more were unearthed in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas and elsewhere. 
Approximate locations of recovered giant skeletal remains continent-wide.
3781 giant  skeletons were discovered and removed from various places in the Channel Islands off the California coast between 1919 and 1931. Sixty more embalmed skeletons of giant proportions were discovered and removed from Lovelock Cave in southern Nevada. All of these skeletons were well-proportioned and therefore not manifestations of weird human growth anomalies like gigantism. All of these skeletons also possessed proportionally large jaws, skulls, and brain cases.

     In many cases, due diligence was attempted and the Smithsonian Institute was contacted.  In every such case, a team or an individual curator from the museum was dispatched to the scene, the remains were dutifully boxed up, transported to Washington, and never seen again! Certain museum directors at the Smithsonian are thought to be complicit in the on-going concealment of these fascinating anthropological remains, specifically Ales Hrdlicka who was museum director around 1910 and John Wesley Powell in the late 1800's.
     Below are two fascinating books by authors who have researched the giant skeleton phenomenon.  Fritx Zimmerman essentially concludes that the skeletons represent a humanoid specie known as Maritime Archaic humans which he views as descendants of the lineage we call Cro-Magnon Man. Zimmerman attributes neolithic structures including mounds and henges in North America and Stonehenge in England, along with many other massive structures worldwide, to these incredibly robust humans.  


     One other thought occurs to me.  The phenomenon that we know today as bigfoot or sasquatch may be a manifestation of these same giant humanoids that existed in ancient America and elsewhere. In my own investigations of the bigfoot phenomenon, I recall a conversation I had with bigfoot witness Janice Coy.  She described the close range interactions with a sasquatch family that she and her father had on their farm in Tennessee.  Interestingly, her father related to her the fact that the sasquatch he observed at very close range had two sets of teeth on each jaw!  That and the enormous size of the beings he witnessed suggests to me that the sasquatch of today may be living descendants of the same race or specie of giants whose remains we attribute to the 'mound builders' and that we have unearthed periodically since the early 1800's. 
     I'm a bit surprised that in neither of the two books displayed above do the authors discuss the similarities between the giants of the ancient world and the sasquatch phenomenon of today. Perhaps these academic authors are reluctant to equate their well-documented beings of yesteryear to something as speculative and disputed as the bigfoot phenomenon of today. 
     Anyone who has followed the posts in this blog knows that I favor combining or 'unifying' seemingly separate paranormal phenomena.  One such application of this idea is to suggest a clear  connection between the ancient giants of the ancient past and the modern sasquatch.  For me, this is a bit of a no-brainer and if this connection is valid, then the best place to go looking for the long-sought-after bigfoot bones is not on the forest floor but in the Smithsonian basement!


  1. Hmm. I have heard of these giant skeletons but it never occurred to me that they could be bigfoot. That is a lot of skeletons. I wonder why it's hidden away from the public. That is the common theme... being hidden from the public. The million dollar question is why? You should contact Smithsonian and ask for info. Or get The Black Vault to use FIOA requests for that. Only if you could get to the skeletons and collect their teeth for DNA testing to compare that to that one from sasquatch genome project.

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