Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Does the US Government/Military have a Sasquatch?   Probably.

Does the US Government/Military have a Sasquatch or two on ice or alive in captivity? Yes, according to the rumor mill. On May 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted, and the loss of life to both people and the wild animal population was considerable. There are claims that several Bigfoot bodies (some believed to be alive still, but injured) were whisked away to a secret military/government facility. You hear stories like this all the time regarding crashed UFOs and Alien bodies. So why not Bigfoot too when a disaster like this happens?

You be the judge!

In the late 90's early 2000's, a science teacher named Thom Powell picked up on a story by an anonymous government employee who alerted the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) about a 7.5 feet long/tall burn victim with "multiple burns on hands, feet, legs and body; some 2nd and 3rd degree burns". According to the story, on August 6, 1999, Battle Mountain, Nevada, exploded into several simultaneous range fires in what would be known as the Battle Mountain Complex Fire. A Bigfoot was hurt in the fire according to an anonymous government employee. The story was later dismissed but the acclaimed author and science teacher believe it really happened and that the whole story was an elaborate cover-up.

It has been years since the story broke and still no one has come forward to claim it actually happened-- until now. Running a Bigfoot blog, we get some strange emails every once in a while. This morning, we received an email from someone who claims to be a former National Guardsman, saying he was there and he saw the Bigfoots. This person gives a detail account of the experience that he and four other guardsmen had with the creature and all were told to keep quiet about it.

Dear Shawn:

I was reading some of the stories about Mt. Saint Helen on the message boards and wanted to share this one. I only ask that you withhold my name.

I was a National Guardsman at the Mount Saint Helen site and this is the first time I have ever spoken about what I saw firsthand. I lived in Spokane, Washington and was 24 at the time this all took place.

I have read some of the other stories and they only tell part of the story.

I was placed on a special cleanup crew farther up the mountain. A large tent was set up and it was be guarded by armed soldiers who were not part of the guard. There were numerous soldiers on the scene that were not members of the guard.

We were given a briefing by soldier who said that “after he spoke to us, we would forget about him and what he said at the end of the mission”. This was strange as we never dealt with anything before.

Myself and four other guardsmen were told to follow a group of soldiers and not to speak to each other and to remain very quiet overall. We were told to get into a jeep and wait. We sat in the jeep for maybe a half hour. Eventually another jeep arrived carrying a civilian and another member of the military.

The civilian was brought into the tent and he emerged a few minutes later followed by a large hairy creature. It looked like a large man covered in fur and the best way to describe it was like “Beast” from X-Men only brown.

The creature looked to have some burns and had a bandage on its arm. At first we were afraid but when it walked by we could see its eyes and it just looked very sad and somber. He climbed into the back of a pickup with the civilian and the two were speaking in a weird language I had never heard. It would cough at times.

We followed the truck to different areas. There were 5 total stops. Each time we stopped we were told to follow the civilian and the creature. Each time we followed them to rocky areas where there were caves. The creature would make a sound and then listen. At the first area he made a sound and we all just waited in silence. After a few minutes, the creature looked at the civilian and then at the ground. The civilian at one point touched its shoulder and called for a canteen to give the creature a drink.

The same thing happened at the next area but this time there was a response to the sound. After a few minutes two soldiers emerged from the cave carrying a badly burned creature just like the one with the civilian. The creature bent down next to it and looked it over for about five minutes. It then spoke softly with the civilian. It turned and walked back to the truck and we were told to follow as we were walking away we heard a shot and we knew it was one of the soldiers putting the creature out of its misery.

There was no response at the third or fourth site but at the fifth there was another return sound to the creature. This time it was different and soldiers carried out a creature with a badly burned left leg. We were then ordered to all help get a very large stretcher from the truck and to help place the creature on it and carry it back to the truck.

We then immediately returned to the base camp. The creature was carried into the tent while the other creature and the civilian spoke. We were ordered to stay in the jeep until we were to be debriefed. As the creature turned to walk into the tent it looked at us and made a waving gesture with its hand. We took it as a thank you for what we had done.

By the time we were ordered out of the jeep we were all in shock. We were called over to an area to be debriefed and it was just strange. I will never forget what was said because it was just not what was expected. I thought I would hear “You took an oath and now you need to live up to it for your country with a threat also implied. A different high ranking soldier just said “look, do you all really want an explanation? You saw what we were doing. These creatures live in these areas; they mean no harm and want to be left alone. Do you really want to do anything that may cause them trouble? They are like us in a lot of ways. If you need or want to talk about this just wait about 30 years, by that time there will likely be no reason to keep them a secret”.

We were then ordered back to the guard camp because “they were breaking it up so nobody saw too much and knew everything that happened”. We did not speak of it and after a few months I just took the attitude that these things live out there and honestly my life is no different because of it. I only bring it up now because people have been writing a lot about MT. Saint Helen and I believe that the whole story should be told.

I will also say this. I like to camp and hike and have done so many times throughout the Northwest. Every time I would look for signs of these creatures, tracks, listen for sounds etc. I never saw or heard anything other than what I did that day on Mt. Saint Helen.
(Thanks to Shawn at the Bigfoot Evidence blog for providing me with the material for this post.)

Anonymous former National Guardsman claims that the Mount St Helens Bigfoot story really happened.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Yahoo News Says, "Bigfoot Exists!"

I Have Two  Question For Yahoo News:

 "What Took Ya So Long?" and  "Did You Know That 'Yahoo' Means Bigfoot?"

     You know those little news snippets they put on the homepage when you look for your e-mail?  One of the bigger e-mail servers, Yahoo, has just posted a first (for them): Twenty-one photos that "prove" bigfoot exists. Two question: What took you guys so long to get the memo? I mean, some of those photos are like fifty years old! Do they even know that "Yahoo" is a reference to bigfooted creatures in a Native American tribal language from the Wisconsin and Minnesota area?
     Don't get me wrong.  I'm pleased to see them getting on board with the whole idea that bigfoot creatures exist. I hope they get a lot of hits on the link. The bad news is you have to put up with disgusting weight-loss ads on the sidebar, the maddening slide show formats that take forever to load, and loads of sneaky attempts to get you to click on advertisement links.  If you are willing to put up with all that just for the sake of leaning something you alread knew, here is the link to the 'slide show' that Yahoo News made by way of presenting photographic evidence of bigfoot.
     Gimme a day or two and I'll paste all their photographic evidence on a blog post so you don't have to wade through all their advertising crap just to see the photos.   In the mean time, one might want to read a book or two on the subject. One could start with The Locals by Thom Powell just to get a foundation on the subject, then move on to Edges of Science  (also by yours truly)  if one really wanted some deep down understanding.  Oops I forgot. This is the internet.  Nobody reads books, anymore, do they?. Three short paragraphs is as much as anyone wants to read. 
(Do I sound bitter? :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What is Bigfoot?

Dude, those things are BAD for ya!

      A good friend and fellow blogger over at 'Bizzarre Bigfoot' posits the age-old "What is Bigfoot" question one more time. What is different about his examination of this question is that he cogently analyzes five options and then he eliminates four of them to leave the most radical view on the table. His five possibilities for answers to the "What is Bigfoot" question are:
1. It's not real. All sightings are mistakes or hoaxes.
2. Bigfoot is a missing link, like remnant Neandertals, Paranthropus, Homo Erectus, etc.
3. Bigfoots are nocturnal people, like remnant Indian populations.
4. Bigfoot are human hybrids engineered by extra-terrestrial entities.
5. Bigfoots are extraterrestrial (alien) entities that relocated here for a puropse.

     Mr. Bizzaree Bigfoot, an accomplished journalist who likes to keep his real name out of the blog-o-sphere, does such an excellent job of breaking it all down that I will simply direct the reader to his Bizarre Bigfoot blog for the interest discussion and his fascinating conclusion.  I will offer that one big reason why I'm endorsing his discussion is that I make the same journalistic journey in in my latest book Edges of Science and I arrive at very similar conclusions. Do great minds think alike? You decide. Either way, Bizarre Bigfoot's essay is great stuff.  If you are curious about my book, you can click on the sidebar picture of the Edges of Science cover on this web page.
     Oh, and if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Portland, Oregon on Friday, April 15th, you can mail your taxes at the downtown post office on NW Hoyt, the stroll on over to the Lucky Labrador brewpub on NW Quimby and see my good friend,TV star Cliff Barackman, present his take on "What is Bigfoot?" Click on this link for details of that event.  I'll be there, too, but Bob Gimlin won't be, because he is resting up for a late night spot on Coast to Coast AM the next night, beginning at 10 p.m. PST.  He will be interviewed by Coast to Coast AM 's most knowledgeable sasquatch scholar, Connie Willis. 

     By the way, You have until Monday to mail your taxes, due to some weird federal holiday on Friday that they honor in Washington, D.C. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure it's true.