Thursday, March 10, 2016

Catch the Thom Powell Interview on 'Coast to Coast AM' this SUNDAY Night

   Are you a fan of late night talk radio with a paranormal bent?  Then you surely have heard of Coast to Coast,  the grand-daddy of paranormal radio. It was founded by Art Bell, then, after many, many years, the reigns were taken by George Noory.  More recently, Connie Willis has been added to the elite staff of interviewers. 
     Connie Willis lives in the Midwest and  she is particularly intrigued by the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomenon.  Ms. Willis does not investigate the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomenon in a vacuum, though--rather she is interested in how bigfoot relates to other paranormal phenomena.  Connie Willis' inclination for taking on 'the big picture' positions her perfectly to interview Thom Powell, who has recently published Edges of Science, a compendium of paranormal research and scientific mysteries. 
     Whether you are a long-haul trucker, a weekend insomniac, or just a person with enough curiosity to keep you awake during the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning,  please join us on Coast to Coast AM this SUNDAY, March 13 or Monday morning, depending on your time zone.  The program begins at 1 a.m. EST, 12 a.m.Central, 11p.m. Mountain, and 10 p.m. Pacific. 
     The conversation will range widely between a variety of paranormal topics but, in light of Connie Willis' inclination, not to mention Thom Powell's, the emphasis will center on the topic of exactly how the sasquatch/bigfoot phenomenon relates to the bigger picture of paranormality and universal mysteries. 

Coast to Coast AM host/ interviewer Connie Willis


  1. thom powell is definitely worth staying up late for...but never end your sentence with a preposition as i did.

  2. Hi,

    Heard you on Coast, great interview. Yourself and Paulides are on the right track.

    Medium interviews Sasquatch three times.

    Watch "Interview with a Bigfoot, Part One" on YouTube

    Watch "Interview with a Bigfoot, Part Two" on YouTube

    Watch "Interview with a Bigfoot, Part Three" on YouTube


    This is a living researcher named Mike whose you tube account is Ontario Sasquatch.

    Watch "Sasquatch Speaks  (Rare Audio Recording)" on YouTube

    I asked Mike if he had ever backtracked Sasquatch and found prints in the snow that have appeared out of nowhere and he replied yes. He has also followed footprints in the snow in the forward direction of travel that just stop.

    My You Tube account name is breech123. Mike (Ontario Sasquatch) and I have had long discussions in the comments section under one of the Channeling Erik Sasquatch videos.

    My conclusion is that they are interdimentional creatures.


  3. There you go Thom,

    Breech123 is onto Mike Paterson too. Mike may not be quite as far along in his suppositions are you are, but he seems to be chosen as a contactee. I enjoyed the show and your ability to make sense if so many different aspects of the BF phenomena.