Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pioneer Bigfoot/Sasquatch Researcher Mary Green Dies

A representation of the interactions reported by Mary Green in Monroe County, Tennessee.

      Bigfoot researcher and writer, Mary Green, died this week. She was the first author to publish descriptions of sustained interaction between the hairless humans (us) and the 'forest people' or sasquatch.  

      To this day, the courageousness and originality of Mary Green's work is not even close to being recognized by the world at large. 
Someday, it will be.

Her book is out of print.  If you have a copy, hang onto it! At the time it was published, she was vilified for having been hoodwinked by charlatans. Later, as more cases surfaced continent-wide, the credibility of her work was greatly elevated. To this day, however, there are still those who doubt the validity of the entire 'habituation' scenario. (Ah! Science!).  Still, I am proud to say I was communicating and collaborating with Mary Green even before she published.  I was one of the very first, along with Will Duncan and Dmitri Bayanov, to call her descriptions 'true fact.' 

     I learned of a habituation case near Mt. Rainier in Washington that bore striking similarities to the Tennessee situation Mary Green was describing. I published my descriptions only months later in The Locals, which included the first printed endorsement of Mary Green's work.  Of course, endorsing Mary Green's work in my own obscure title and getting a wider audience for it were two different things. It was an up-hill battle, to say the least.  Still is. Times are changing, but oh, so slowly.  Only last week, a four hour interview by a great radio host, Connie Willis, was aired on the famed late-night radio show, Coast to Coast AM.  The discussion ranged between verification, habituation, and even communication with the 'forest people' (bigfoots). Mary Green would have been proud. I hope she heard it. Click here for a link to that watershed Coast to Coast interview.  

     Here is an excerpt from her book,  Fifty Years with Bigfoot which neatly summarizes Mary Green's view:

"From the beginning of my research on reported living hominoids, it has been my desire to bring forth the truth about the bigfoot or sasquatch, which I became most certain dwelled here in our remote mountains and woodlands of Tennessee. My first thoughts about what the bigfoot were and what I have since discovered them to actually be has changed dramatically in the last two years. Perhaps by sharing Janice Carter Coy's observations on their behavior in their own habitat, a skeptical world can be awakened to the surety of their existence" 

(50 Years with Bigfoot, by Mary Green 2002, p.3).

And here are some observation on Mary Green by Russian author/researcher Dmitri Bayanov, who is, in case you did not know, the world's greatest hominologist (bigfoot researcher):

"A skeptical world has not awakened yet. Why? Because hominology is a science not normal but revolutionary (in full accord with Thomas Kuhn's teaching)...As a result, still not a dollar is spent by world science on research into evidence of existence of living uncatalogued hominids on earth. Instead we hear this: "ExoMars 2016 mission underway. Breaking News. Massive spacecraft launched toward Mars. Its rover will search for evidence of martian life, past or present."

"Isn't the World Science Establishment a madhouse as long as the worldwide existence of "wildmen" is ignored?  My answer to the question why I believe what is said by Mary and Janice in their book was this:

"Because Janice, who tells the story, has confided to me such details of the bigfoots' anatomy and behavior which she had nowhere to learn from but in actual close observations of the creatures. We do know a number of cases in Russia and North America of close interactions between homins and humans, but, to my knowledge, it's the first time such interactions are described first hand so circumstantially. Paradoxically, this book written by two lay persons, turns, if I may say so, a new page and opens a new chapter in the science of man and man's origin."

"Like Mary's, my thoughts about sasquatches and homins in general have also changed dramatically after learning the story and evidence presented by Janice because there was no longer ground to doubt the veracity of Albert Ostman's story and some stories of close interactions in Russia.
Wishes of peace and good luck to all."   Dmitri Bayanov

Mary Green (left) with local wildlife ranger Shawn Hughs and distinguished Russian researcher Igor Burstev

For a very thorough discussion by Igor Burstev of his investigation of sasquatch interactions at the Carter farm and his dealings with Mary Green,  click here. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Catch the Thom Powell Interview on 'Coast to Coast AM' this SUNDAY Night

   Are you a fan of late night talk radio with a paranormal bent?  Then you surely have heard of Coast to Coast,  the grand-daddy of paranormal radio. It was founded by Art Bell, then, after many, many years, the reigns were taken by George Noory.  More recently, Connie Willis has been added to the elite staff of interviewers. 
     Connie Willis lives in the Midwest and  she is particularly intrigued by the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomenon.  Ms. Willis does not investigate the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomenon in a vacuum, though--rather she is interested in how bigfoot relates to other paranormal phenomena.  Connie Willis' inclination for taking on 'the big picture' positions her perfectly to interview Thom Powell, who has recently published Edges of Science, a compendium of paranormal research and scientific mysteries. 
     Whether you are a long-haul trucker, a weekend insomniac, or just a person with enough curiosity to keep you awake during the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning,  please join us on Coast to Coast AM this SUNDAY, March 13 or Monday morning, depending on your time zone.  The program begins at 1 a.m. EST, 12 a.m.Central, 11p.m. Mountain, and 10 p.m. Pacific. 
     The conversation will range widely between a variety of paranormal topics but, in light of Connie Willis' inclination, not to mention Thom Powell's, the emphasis will center on the topic of exactly how the sasquatch/bigfoot phenomenon relates to the bigger picture of paranormality and universal mysteries. 

Coast to Coast AM host/ interviewer Connie Willis

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

'Edges of Science' Takes Off !

Special thanks to Guy Edwards of for the fantastic cover art.

     Suddenly, everybody is asking me about it.  I'm not sure what happened, but Edges of Science has hit its stride. Calls for interviews....requests for appearances...suddenly lots and lots of books being sold!  I am indeed grateful and humbled. I will do all I can to acknowledge and respond to the sudden increase in public interest in the book that has happened only in the past ten days.
    I wrote what I believed to be the fact of the matter, no matter how controversial or 'edgy' it was, and for that reason, I  never really expected it to go anywhere. It may have been the truth as I saw it, but it was also edgy as hell, and I knew it all along.
     Mind you, I did my absolute best to produce a worthy product. At 130,000 words, 350 pages, and numerous photos and illustrations, I sincerely tried to produce a product that would give the reader their money's worth of  original and thought-provoking literature.  But, when you write a book, you are operating in a total vacuum.  You have almost no feedback on how you are doing with the project nor any feedback at all on how the final product will be received.   That is probably the most difficult aspect of the writer's job: trusting your instincts.
     I learned with the first book (The Locals, 2003) to just stick the book out there and 'don't blink' when the first reviews are absolutely scathing...and they were. 
    "Stay the course," as President Reagan used to say. It wasn't easy, but I did. I was called 'delusional' by people whose opinions I respected. Still, I went out there and paid my dues doing public appearances, blog posts, pod casts, and various attempts at publicity.  Mostly, it seemed like the world responded with deaf ears, although that isn't fair either. A few friends and followers of my work were kind enough to offer unsolicited feedback of the kindest and most supportive sort. Trust me when I say, it is impossible to overestimate the degree of encouragement that this provided.  I will always be grateful to my friends Molly Lebherz, Joe and Sharon Beelart, Guy Edwards, Alicia Bateman, Kathy Strain, Russ Taylor, Jack Powell, Randy Schimmel, and several others who got behind this project in its earliest stages.  It really kept me believing in the project to know it resonated with at least a few good people. 
     Then one day, something changed. I don't know what, but it seemed like, within the scope of a week or two, I was  seeing a huge surge in awareness of, and interest in, the project entitled, Edges of Science.
     I'm not at all sure where it will go.  I'm still just a middle school science teacher in a little public school in southwest Portland.  I tried to write a book that would make people think and maybe even change the world for the better, at least a little bit.  That was my only goal. I hope I achieved it. It's still an open question.  I would welcome any and all feedback on that question. Please feel free to post your impressions of Edges of Science in the comments section below.  Thank you, everyone, for showing an interest.
(For info on purchasing a signed copy, click on the cover shot to the right of this blog post. If you are foreign or overseas, please order through The customs forms on a mailed book are a bear and overseas postal rates are prohibitively high.   A Kindle copy is also available thru Amazon for $5.99. This is definitely the cheapest and the quickest way to obtain a copy of Edges of Science.
An example of the brilliant interior art by Alicia Bateman