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CIA Lifts Truth Embargo; Posts UFO Files on Their Website!

     It’s the moment UFO fans have been waiting for -  the CIA has hand-selected some formerly top-secret files and photos to ‘prove’ extraterrestrials exist.
Sadly for extraterrestrial fans, the files are a bit lacking in alien autopsies and crashed flying saucers - but they’re a fascinating insight into the height of the ‘flying saucer’ era.
The CIA released the files - seemingly to coincide with the new X-Files episodes - provoking disbelief on UFO websites.
     Mind you, for the past half-century, the CIA has tenaciously maintained a position of 'plausible deniability'.  Have they really decided to "come clean" now, just because they don't want David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to steal their thunder with the newly-released upgrade on the old X-Files TV show?  Don't take my word for it. I'm just a run-of-the-mill blogger on paranormal matters.
     Rather, let's go to a definitive source.  Here is a link (click here) to the CIA's very own website, specifically a 'Library' page that details the newly released documents that are now available for public inspection.  Unless someone has elaborately hacked the CIA's website, it appears to be completely legit.

Photos associatedd with sightings investigated by the CIA
(all photos courtesy of CIA)
     One report, entitled, "Flying Saucers" and dated 1 August 1952, says, ‘Less than 100 reasonably credible reports remain ‘unexplainable’ at this time. It is recommended that CIA surveillance be continued.'
‘It is strongly urged, however, that no reports of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public.
The CIA said, ‘We’ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting.'
     Such documents often prove disappointing to hardcore UFO fans, according to one expert.
Nigel Watson, author of The UFO Investigations Manual, said last year, ‘At least 10,000 UFO reports collected by the US, Project Blue Book, have been put online and many other governments have released their UFO files.
     Naturally, we can be quite confident that whatever material has been officially released is far from their "best stuff".  The most stunning revelations will, for the time being, remain locked away and out of sight. Still, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I would, instead, like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my good friends in U.S. government and intelligence circles for making the courageous decision to even partially lift the long-held truth embargo.
     Full disclosure: my gratitude, however sincere, is also a bit self-serving.  I recently published the book Edges of Science which, among other things, chronicles some remarkable UFO-related incidents.  The official acknowledgements of UFO activity are another big step in the direction of giving some long-sought credibility to the work that I, and many others, have been doing for quite some time (see below).  I said it before but I will say it again: Thank you, U.S. Government! Oh, and this to the web developers at CIA: Nice website!   Thanks also to YahooNews for contributing information to this blog post.

Both front and back cover art by gifted
graphic artist Guy Edwards
Note the bit of humor that was surreptitiously added to the
back cover: That's Thom Powell proudly wearing a CIA golf shirt
that was given to him by agency personnel during a recent visit to Ohio.
With the CIA's new degree of openness now being a matter of
record, I wear it more proudly than ever.

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