Tuesday, November 24, 2015

  Sasquatch Summit:

         The Myth Is Truer Than the Math

Thank you Cindy Rose Caddell for supplying these photos!
       Johnny Manson's 2015 Sasquatch Summit had a huge turnout; probably the largest assembly of sasquatch enthusiasts in the western United States.  The only larger gathering I've seen was Marc DeWerth's Salt Fork Conference in Ohio.
     Johnny asked me to speak about my research.  Having heard a lot of these presentations in the past, I just could not bring myself to say what most others were saying:"Here's how to go out in the field, collect some evidence that helps prove that the sasquatch is real. (Then, please, send it to me!)"
     Being a contrarian by nature, I decided to rock the boat; that is, I went 'paranormal' with my remarks.  I said that the sasquatch were but one vegetable in a larger paranormal stew. If you want to understand the sasquatch, I said, you have to study the other ingredients in the stew.  I expected awkward silences and maybe even some outraged attendees getting up in the middle of my talk and leaving.
     To my amazement, the opposite occurred. A few laugh lines  always helps, but, overall,  my 'paranormal stew' message was pretty well received. I think the times are changing. The thinking is evolving. Paranormal ideas are definitely gaining some traction with the population at large.
     I met more people at the Sasquatch Summit than I can even remember. One person who was there, though I'm not sure I ever met her, was Johnny Manson's mom. After the conference, Johnny sent me his mom's summary of my talk. I was blown away. It's a beautiful combination of poetry and  prose.  It was truly profound. I think Johnny's  mom should have been a speaker. Here is her 'take away' on my presentation:

Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 6:38 AM
To: johnny
From: mom
Subject: the spirit in the woods

  From what i could hear of Powell's talk,
  he dared to go down the paranormal road, where we all live, unknowingly,
  where we have always lived. Paranormal doesn't describe the entwining threads in the tapestry.
  Quantum mechanics may begin to describe it for us,
  but isn't it something we have always known and feared:
  the realms of ghosts and aliens?
  Both are real, not just imagined.
  Usually defined by fear.
  When you learn about it, when you get to know a thing,
  It is not a monster after all, but Carlos Castaneda's gnat.
  Fear magnifies and distorts.
  When Carolina, Tammy, Lefty and I walked all the way to the river,
  we found this place.
  See the spirits?
  They walk beside us. We do not know it.
  In the Book of Thomas, not included in the Bible,
  Thomas asks Jesus when the world will end.
  Jesus patiently replies that the world will not end,
  the kingdom is right in front of us, but we cant see it.
  String theory allows these kingdoms, other realms,
  and they are not empty.
  One does not build a house of life to be vacant.
  250 million stars, they estimate, born every day.
  Creation is constant,
  and layered, in fine webs, and all connected.
  Sometimes the myth is truer than the math.



  1. One day we'll hear the rest of the story. It is the vehicle of thought and self determination. Reaching that depth of understanding we will know the story's continuation point. It continues, it does not end.

  2. Very much enjoyed your presentation. It was a refreshing breath of air.

  3. Not sure I'm totally on board with this approach. But I'm glad as hell somebody is walking this path.

    Of course, there was little doubt it would be Thom Powell who said, "look over here, guys!"

  4. Jeez, Thom....
    What an excellent post. Johnny's mom did sum up the mystery perfectly. And your quote, about the stew was perfect as well. I hope to see you in March. Give us the date again, will you?


  5. I'm pretty sure it's March 4 and 5.