Friday, November 6, 2015

 "What is Bigfoot?"

Talkin' Bigfoot on KGW-TV: A Televised Interview with Joe Beelart and Thom Powell

   Here is a link to a televised interview with two local Portland authors of separate book on paranormal and or bigfoot topics.  Joe Beelart wrote the Oregon Bigfoot Highway, published in 2015.  It is the most detailed and authoritative book ever written on a specific locality, the Clackamas River basin, and the bigfoot encounters that have occurred within its confines.   
     If Joe's work is essentially a book on where to find bigfoot, Thom Powell's new book, also published in 2015, might best be described as a book that addresses one key question: "What is Bigfoot?"
     Most of the four minute interview focuses on Joe's research in the Clackamas River basin. Thom's contribution is to present a list of the possible answers to the central question.  Sorry, but if you want a definitive answer, you'll have to buy a copy of Edges of Science.  The answer is in there. Here is a link to a page where signed copies of Edges can be ordered directly from the author. 
Post-interview photo of (from left) Oregon Bigfoot Highway author Joe Beelart, anchor/newsman Chris Willis and son, and Edges of Science author Thom Powell.  Note Chris' son proudly displaying his souvenir copy of Thom's novel, Shady Neighbors.



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  1. As always, an eminently reasonable and winning performance by you. I've just seen a youtube video of what must have been a relatively recent (2013?) presentation you did summarising your journey and discoveries so far - 'Thom Powell's normal or paranormal?:

    I wish the organisers had ushered away the people talking in the background as it must have made your presentation a little difficult for you, but it was very useful to catch up with your position on the matter now, although appreciate things might have moved on since then. As you know, the crop circle phenomenon here in England has been going on many years, and note you raised this in your talk. Here's an article about the Stonehenge Julia Set which includes an interview with the man who claims to have been part of the team that created it:

    Having had some pretty weird experiences myself in the sasquatch field I'm not going to dismiss possible connections with other phenomena, but I'm wary of linking crop circles with bigfoot. I'm not saying they are not all part of a bigger picture, but of course one has to be careful of being taken in by what are in many cases man-made creations, as even some of the most sophisticated productions have been a stealthy and clever human team effort. Nevertheless, we probably need to at least consider these things as indeed you have done, and anyway what do I know? I believe you are quite right to warn about approaching sasquatch research with care and sometimes it might be better to just take Native American advice and back off. There's so much natural curiosity within us as a species it's difficult to do that! However, I'm beginning to feel it is in fact good advice, if a little disappointing to have to follow it.