Friday, July 24, 2015

NASA Announces The Most Earth-like Planet Yet!
Thomsquatch Nails It.
An artist's rendition of Kepler 452b, the most earth-like exo-planet yet found.

I'll only say it once:
I told ya so.
The science news blogosphere is absolutely atwitter with reaction to the news that the most earth-like planet, Kepler 452-b, has been verified. It's not any kind of close (150 light years away) but it has already sent the pontificators reeling with possibilities.  My favorite essay is the one at Huff-Po seen by clicking here, because it basically affirms all the same points I made in my recently released book, Edges of Science. In fact, the whole announcement, right on the heels of the release of my new book, is positively creepy!  Much that I published as supposition has been tentatively verified just three weeks after I went to print.  What's with that?
     Anyway, Thank you, NASA!  Thank you, Kepler! And thank you, Huffington Post, for saying the exact same thing I said, three weeks after I published!   I'm not accusing you of plagiarism because I know you aren't so nimble and attuned as to catch notice of my book, read it, then re-state it. Also, the recent NASA announcement is more than enough of a mental kick-in-the-ass to precipitate the observations and ruminations of the Huff Po writer. All I will say is, Ha! I said the same thing three weeks ago.  And if you think I'm just blowing smoke, scroll down to the previous blog post, in which I confidently state that we are not alone.  That post was published yesterday. Whoa!
     Oops. I said at the top of this post that I would only say it once.  OK, I'll shut up now, but please read my new book, Edges of Science, available at

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