Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's Summer, And That Means...

     My introduction to the realm of the paranormal came from cryptozoological concerns (bigfoot) in the Pacific Northwest U.S. but from there I branched out. And, of all the potentially connected paranormal mysteries, one of the most varied, complicated, and therefore interesting HAS to be crop circles (or crop formations or, glyphs, as they are more properly know.  The Brits are all over this one, since so much of the activity appears  in cereal crops of southern England, particularly on the chalk-substrate soils of Hampshire County.
     If you are new to crop formation studies, you need to know that, while there have been historical hoaxes, the vast majority of CFs as they occur world-wide defy easy explanation.  Also, they are being seriously studied, and even decoded in some cases, by some really bright and really dedicated researchers like Aussie Dr. Horace Drew, and Brits like Lucy Pringle, Colin Andrews, and Freddy Silva. I was so enthralled by the beautiful patterns and the revelations they contain that I dedicated a chapter of my latest compendium of scientific mysteries, Edges of Science, to this fascinating pursuit.
     It turned out to be quite difficult to give this subject its due in one chapter. I did my best to not only present the mystery accurately, but to give credit to the amazingly dedicated individuals (mostly Brits) who have endeavored to bring this set of stunning mysteries and messages to the attention of the greater world. Toward that end, I would like to direct the reader to one particular crop formation that was discovered not in southern England, but Turin, Italy, and brought to my attention by dediacted student of the paranormal, Molly Hart Lebherz in southern California.
    What I find particularly fascinating about this particular crop formation that was discovered only a couple of weeks ago, is that it is, number one, not in the typical crop formation nieighborhood of southern England.  Two, it is a remarkably beautiful and complex pattern that lies well beyond the abilities of the petty hoaxers who are have long-ago lost the battle to discrediting the greater phenomenon. And, three, there is a very definite message embedded in this particular formation, probably in the form of a binary code.
     In Edges of Science, I featured the remarkable achievement of Horace Drew in decoding previous crop formation, specifically the famous Crabwood Glyph. I certainly hope Dr. Drew is focused on figuring out this one, but I would also like to take this opportunity to implore puzzle-solvers and students of mystery world-wide to join in the effort. Here is a start: Note the obvious sun motif.  Note, too, that it is a stylized sun that invokes Mayan solar imagery.  This becomes important because, as Dr. Drew found, Mayan numerologies, like the number 52, become important springboards for deciphering the embedded messages.  Just as important are the more contemporary binary computer codes like ASCII, as discovered by the late, great Paul Vigay,
      It's a big job folks, and it seems to challenge our human intellect at the highest levels, but I implore all willing participants to study this glyph.  It very clearly contains binary-coded information.  We just have to collective figure out what it is saying. If the past is the key to the present, then it behooves the interested readers to familiarize themselves with the groundbreaking work of Dr. Horace Drew. I provided a 'Readers Digest' version of his work in my book (available on Amazon here )but a more thorough investigation is probably warranted if the code of the Turin glyph is going to be decoded.
     My advice: put your other intellectual pursuits on hold for a few days or even weeks. Check out the Crop Circle Connector website. Google search on Dr. Horace Drew and others, who kindly allowed me to reprint their images in my humble and by-no-means authoritative summary of their remarkable achievements.
     So, it is with great admiration that I direct the reader toward the work of Dr. Drew, Lucy Pringle, Colin Andrews, and so many others.  By widening the awareness of their work, it is my desire to find some assistance for these brilliant minds. I think the messages embedded in the wheat are complex and profound, and it is an invitation for humanity to apply their collective intellect toward the goal of decoding, then disseminating, then assimilating these messages.  I know I am not smart enough to figure it out, but I also know that the world is full of people much smarter than me.  My hope is that some of these people who are generously endowed with gray matter will find the time to decode the secrets in the fields, particularly this one:

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