Thursday, June 4, 2015

Washington Professor's Find 'Proves' Bigfoot Is Real

"If you add it all up, you have an 8-foot, 8-inch tall creature that is killing animals at different areas of Mount St. Helens with its bare hands, chewing them up, literally skin and bones and all, and spitting them out between its legs," Townsend said.

Mitchel Townsend, a Winlock resident and teacher in the Lower Columbia College's  Continuing Education program, said he was walking through the woods near Ryan Lake in East Lewis County when he came across a stack of bones. The find itself was unusual since predators typically disperse remains rather quickly, he said. Upon further inspection, he noticed large human-like teeth imprints in the bones.

"My theory is it's not an ape, it's a hybrid that has been interbreeding with Native Americans for the last 80,000 years," Townsend said. "That's why it is so smart and it has human teeth."

It has long been the view of this blogger that the principal error of most active researchers and members of the public have misinterpretted the bigfoot phenomenon for a long time.  It is gratifying to see that the tinking is slowly changing and that more and more academics are getting on board with the view that bigfoot not only exists, but that it represents a much more sophisticated population of creatures than was originally supposed. 

Great job and best of luck to Mitchel Townsend of Lower Columbia College. Click here to visit the Yakima Herald website story about Mitchel Townsend's fascinating discovery.

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  1. The only thing fascinating about this find; is that people are gullible enough to buy his b.s. I'll serve up a whole bag of gnawed rib bones; for all the good it will do. Suppose it would establish the existence of rodents in the forest. Ground breaking stuff that would be.