Sunday, June 14, 2015

UFOs Over Loch Ness?

When Paranormal Phenomena Intersect

Enlarged view of UFOs
Original photo of Loch Ness and purported UFOs

     Ya go to Loch Ness hoping to catch a glimpse of an aquatic cryptid, and instead you come home with pictures of UFOs.  What's with that?   A recent Huffington Post article details a tourist family that, when going through their vacation photos, discovered that they had inadvertently captured a cluster of UFOs over Loch Ness, home of Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster.  (Click on this link to see the article.)
     The idea that paranormal phenomena inhabit the shadows of our material world is not an original thought. What is a bit more original is the idea that various paranormal phenomena not only exist, but that they intersect and interrelate with each other.  This hypothesis even forces the conclusion that, if one wants answers to the question of what is really going on in the paranormal realm, the ultimate answers may come only by regarding the seemingly separately phenomena instead as a sort of paranormal stew.
     I am absolutely convinced that the most important scientific question of our day is: What is really going on in the realm of paranormal phenomena? The answer may indeed be so complex that we have about the same chance of understanding it as my dog's chances of understanding how to change the oil on my car.  But I won't let that possibility stop me from at least looking for answers.  We can understand it, I think, if we just apply our intellect and ability to reason, but also if we do not shy away from the critical need to think outside the box.
     After spending years investigating the bigfoot phenomenon in a self-inflicted paranormal vacuum,  it finally dawned on me that the possible unification of paranormal phenomena is exactly the idea that needs to be more fully investigated.  So, that's what I did.
     Two years after diving into the paranormal stew, I have tentatively concluded my investigation. I have gathered enough information, at least, to present a coherent answer to the vexing question of exactly how at least some of the paranormal phenomena relate to each other.  The result is Edges of Science, the new book by Thom Powell.
Very snazzy cover designed by Guy Edwards
     I'm sure the reader of this blog is hoping for some kind of answer to these profound questions to be provided here.  Naturally, I would prefer that you instead buy the book, but I will offer two thoughts that will hopefully titillate potential book buyers.  First idea: It's complicated.  Second idea: The  the most important single phenomena that requires understanding if one is to make some progress is astronomy.  This is a mainstream scientific endeavor that has changed tremendously in the past decade, and it continues to change at a dizzying pace. One profound new discovery: ALL stars have planets. All of 'em!  The importance of this new realization cannot be overstated. It implies that not just life, but intelligent life has to exist not just in a few other places, but all over the place. So where are they? Why aren't they here?  Does this have implications for seemingly separate phenomena like bigfoot, ghosts, and crop circles? Like I said, it's complicated.
    Don't let this discourage you. The answers are out there.  I think the Edges of Science will be a big help or I would not have written it. In any event, the wait is over.  Thom Powell's paranormal manifesto is about to hit the bookstores.  The official release date is the Summer Solstice, 2015.  On that single day, Sunday, June 21, you will be able to buy the Kindle version of the bold book for just $1.99.
     If  the good readers of this blog are kind enough to buy a Kindle file that they may never even read, they will help elevate the one-day sales total to a level that will force the publishing industry to sit up and take
Some of the brilliant artwork by Alicia Bateman in Edges of Science
notice.  That's the plan, anyway. Please consider participating. Your involvement will make the difference.  By the way, if you don't own a Kindle reader, they're cheaper than ever, or you can get a free app from the app store that will enable you to read Kindle files on your phone.  If you're like me, this would be a most undesirable way to read a book and you will no doubt find yourself buying the actual book that will be available on Amazon beginning the following day, June 22nd, 2015.  Even so, please consider making a contribution to my release-day promotion campaign as a way of casting your vote for a wider recognition that 'the paranormal' is not the stuff of kooks. It is a valid, indeed profound direction for modern scientific inquiry.  I would argue that it is, in fact, the most profound direction of all.
     So, remember, Sunday June 21st.  Two lousy bucks and a visit to  Click here for the link to page for the Kindle version of Edges of Science.

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