Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Amazing Guy Edwards

     This blog post is to recognize of the brilliance of one Guy.  Graphic arts genius Guy Edwards, that is.
Guy Edwards
Guy has had everything to do with the success that the Edges of Science project has so far achieved. Mr. Edwards designed the cover, back and front, and he conceived  the successful promotional campaign that elevated the one day sales to the top of the book category.  Now he's hard at work on the companion website, which will be finished in another day.
     Folks, this Guy works fast AND he works smart.  I'll be honest, when I hired him on to this project, the amount he was quoting seemed too high.  Based on his reputation, I swallowed hard and hired him anyway.  What he was offering to do was, after all, exactly what I needed; namely EVERYTHING...and that is exactly what Guy delivered.  Now I can see what a an amazing bargain I got.  Guy Edwards did not put me up to this, but I would be remiss if I never looked back with gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and brilliantly creative energy that Guy put into this project.  Let me provide an example:  When Guy showed
me the cover he devised, I was not at all sure.  I liked one of the other iterations better but Guy insisted this was the best one.  I deferred to his knowledge and experience.  Now scroll down to the six different covers displayed on the 'top seller' Kindle page.  Which of the six covers shown there absolutely jumps off the page with color and clarity of image.  Nothing against these other authors. I'm sure they created very fine books.  But their covers are a mess; total mish-mashes of conflicting images and unclear title information.  Then there's the "Edges" cover! Clear, crisp, vivid, and colorful.  Guy, you are the man!
     If anyone out there in the blogosphere is ever looking for some help with graphic arts, marketing, and specifically social media marketing, hire this Guy.  you can find him at
If you want to hire the best, you have to pay them what they are worth. I guarantee you, you will get your money's worth
Just look at his website, or his blog at bigfoot lunch club.  I pasted a page from his blog below for you viewing pleasure and as an obvious attempt at more publicity for my newly released book project.

Thom Powell's "Edges of Science" Debuts as #1 Hot New Seller

Tom Powell's third Book debuts as #1 Hot New Seller
Author Thom Powell's newest book debuts as a  #1 Hot New Seller on Amazon. Edges of Science currently tops the category of Unexplained Mysteries. It's not to late to order your copy of Thom Powell's Edges of Science.

About the book:
Edges of Science, Thom Powell’s third book, is an anthology of scientific mysteries that all relate to a central theme:  the place of our Earth within a vast galaxy of stars, many of which are inhabited by sentient beings that are fully aware of Earth and well-meaning but sometimes inept humans that inhabit it. Thom is a career science teacher who has researched and reports on a plethora of scientific mysteries that are much more related to each other than they first appear.  UFOs, crop circles, ancient pueblos, earthen mounds, sasquatches, and lake monsters are just some of the mysterious phenomena that manifest themselves occasionally on Earth and suggest something of profound importance that is going on at the Edges of Science.
Don't forget to visit Thom Powell's Official Website for more information and to learn about his other two books; The Locals and Shady Neighbors.

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