Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paranormal Pyramids and Edges of Science 

     Check out this link to a story about either an unusually perfect and symmetrical natural rock formation OR evidence of intelligent life that visited or once lived on Mars. We will certainly love to hear some feedback and further information from NASA but given their past reluctance to acknowledge the validity of any strange finds on Mars or the UFOs that are plainly showing an interest in the space station, we won't hold our breath.  "Nothing paranormal here, just a weird rock."  Sure, guys. It is, however, very difficult to deny that a small pyramid, or the very tip of a still-larger buried pyramid exists on Mars.
This is how young people read books: with their smartphone in the other hand! At least they're reading. That cool cover was designed by graphic arts genius Guy Edwards of Bigfoot Lunch Club fame. 
     Also, please remember that tomorrow is the summer solstice, the first day of summer, and the first day that Thom Powell's new book, Edges of Science, will be available. The book is an anthology of scientific mysteries that qualify as paranormal, although that word is misleading.  In many people's opinion, paranormal just means science has not figured out what to do with it yet.  I would definitely agree, and that is the general idea behind this bold new book.  As a career science educator, I can say that the world positively abounds with unsolved mysteries like bigfoot, UFOs, portals, lake monsters, ghosts, and more. Could any or all of these separate phenomena be somehow related.  Quite possibly. Are we able to it figure out. I decided to give it a try.
     For one day only, Edges of Science will be available on Kindle for just $1.99.  The paperback version of the book goes on sale on Amazon the following day.  If you are like me, you prefer to read the actual book, but the Kindle promotional deal is a great way to elevate the one day sales total.  This won't make me any money, it will just get some publicity for the book that will go a long way toward getting the word out on what is certain to be one of the strangest, if not THE strangest book you have ever read.
     Fear not, it is strange in a good way.  It picks the scab of many topics that have been swept under the scientific carpet for years and then offers a scenario which unifies them. The initial feedback is that it is actually pretty well written, too.  But don't take my word for it. Buy it yourself for only two bucks this Sunday, June 21st, and judge for yourself.  By the way free Kindle reader apps are available to read Kindle files on your computer or even on smartphones. Even if you buy the book, the two buck you spend on the Kindle file will be a big help in getting the word out on this new book by Thom Powell.
     Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ok,

    (Been having trouble with my old, 2nd Gen.iPad, so if this is a duplicate email, please forgive-SR)

    I managed to finish 'Edges' after my iPad crashed about 3/4s of the way through, and I had to repurchase the book. Totally worth it, TP.

    This is another important book, just as 'The Locals' was, the same as Talbots 'Holographic Universe' is as well.

    I met you at the the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores and you signed my dog-eared copy of The Locals just before you went onstage for your segment. Loved it too.

    You are the most credible, highest profile presenter of Sasquatch theory, and though Lapseritis and Munch ( and now Matt Johnson) all have their own ideas of extra-normal BF, your background gives you the necessary edge to legitimize the concepts of a non-physical aspect to these critters.

    Somebody had to tie in the ET/abductee experience (besides Linda Howe) because the two phenomenons share similar characteristics. This is how any science advances, even if the peanut gallery gets louder with every paper released.

    I have read ALL the UFO/ET/Abduction stuff as well as all of the BF/Dogman/Mantis/reptilian reports and it's surprising to me that more people have not looked for the connectivity.

    Stan Gordon covers the bases pretty well, and Munches 'sensitives' like Odom and that Rob guy fall in with a full BF/ET collusion, as does Kewaunee. It tends to get so far out that even I have trouble with aspects of it. High strangeness, as Dr. Hynek coined, indeed.

    But I am wondering when more people will consider the Ra Material more seriously. I am assuming you are familiar, Thom, but if not, you can google it, or read my opinion at my site, Bizarre Bigfoot.

    Right now, I'm at my beach place in Ocean Park. I was trying to arrange a meeting between myself and a habituator who lives here, ( )