Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finding Bigfish

     It was indeed an honor to get asked to participate in an episode of 'Finding Bigfoot' before their season concluded in early June. I want to formally express my gratitude, especially to Cliff, whose idea it was to involve two local Oregon researchers in the episode: myself and Will Robinson.  The whole process of planning and taping the episode was a blast. Lots of action! Even if my ugly face ends up on the cutting room floor, I will have no regrets. It was great to see my old pals Matt, Bobo, and Ranae.  Look for the episode to air in late summer. 
On location near Mt. Hood, Oregon
     As fun as it was to work on an episode, there is fun of a different kind to be had when taping ends and Cliff comes home on break.  That's when the mission changes from "Finding Bigfoot" to "finding bigfish."  Truth be told, when Cliff and I go fishing, we don't usually catch much.  Unlike Will Robinson, who catches fish like few others, Cliff and I are usually too preoccupied with telling stories and speculating on the truth or
truths behind the bigfoot mystery to really concentrate on fishing.  That said, if you go out enough times, as in bigfooting,sooner or later, something is bound to happen.
     Well, it did. Here is a photo (below), taken by Cliff Barackman, showing the biggest fish I think I have ever landed. I confess, I kept this fish.  No catch-and-release that day.  Landing that bad boy was a two man job and in fact, it was so heavy it broke Cliff's huge net just as we brought it over the side. Also, the fish spit the hook just as it came aboard. Whew! That was close. it was salmon for dinner for a few nights after that particular day.  Thanks, Cliff, for inviting me along!

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Twenty-two pound spring Chinook on the Columbia River (note Mt. Hood seen through the windshield.)

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