Thursday, June 18, 2015

DNA Testing, Kennewick Man, and Sasquatch/Bigfoot: Don't Hold Your Breath

Clearly, the reconstruction of facial features shows that Kennewick Man is the missing twin brother of Jeffrey Lebowski, Jeff Bridges character from the Cohen brothers comedy, The Big Lebowski.

      Recent advances in DNA testing have enable geneticists to better determine the ancestry of 'Kennewick Man', the 10,000-year-old skeleton found along the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington. It was just announced that the bones, which have been called the most important anthropological find in all of North America, are most likely related to the modern day Colville Nation that resides in northeast Washington. (Here is the link to a longer piece at Huffington Post.
     One might wonder whether these advances in DNA testing might be used to get a better read on the DNA in purported sasquatch hair or other tissue.  My personal take on this question is a definite "No," as in, "Don't get your hopes up."  The same problems still exist with possible sasquatch DNA that we have faced for a long time: degraded samples, similarity to familiar human DNA, unwillingness of labs to study the DNA, and behind-the-scene efforts to obfuscate the findings that are achieved. I would even go so far as to say DNA testing and analysis will never produce definitive evidence of bigfoot/sasquatch existence. Granted, "never" is a mighty long time, but the pattern that has emerged over many, many tries at isolating and identifying sasquatch DNA is abundantly clear: the best samples come back as 'human' so contamination is assumed, the best labs refuse to do the work for some strange reason, and when stalwarts like Ketchum do take on the job, they are vilified and their work is discredited.  Sykes at Oxford seemed like the best chance, yet his finding was so bizarre (polar bear) as to leave one wondering about the accuracy of that result.
     And, of course, I tend to support the view that some of the samples that could or would get analyzed for DNA disappear under mysterious circumstances that suggest that the effort to isolate sasquatch DNA is being subverted.  Conspiracy, you ask? Sure.  But why? Because of what the sasquatch really is!  OK, Thom, what is it? Well, I'll tell ya, but it's complicated. So guess what? You'll have to buy my new book, Edges of Science to get the whole answer to that question.  (Ha, Ha! I bet you saw that one coming.)  Anyway, the wait is over.  This much-discussed book comes out this weekend, and you can by it for one day only (this Sunday) for $1.99 at as a Kindle file.  The actual book will be available (also on Amazon) starting on the following Monday.  Scroll down to the previous post on this blog for more details and an Amazon link.

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