Friday, June 12, 2015


The Official Release of

Edges of Science

 by Thom Powell

Big news. Not only is Thom Powell's much awaited new book being released on the summer solstice, but the Kindle version will be available for a one-day only promotional price of $1.99!  This is a one-day only special that will happen on the official release date of Sunday, June 21st, 2015. (That’s also the Summer Solstice, for all you Druids out there!)

 The paperback version will be available at beginning on June 22nd, but the one day special price is being offered for the Kindle version as a campaign intended to elevate the first day sales total.  Achieving a sky-high one-day sales total will make Edges of Science eligible for some much wider publicity.  This is a profoundly important and well-written book that needs to be read by anyone with a curiosity about the paranormal world that surrounds us all.  Please help make Thom Powell a best-selling author by purchasing a bargain-priced Kindle copy of Edges of Science on the release date of Sunday June 21st.

Just Google: Edges of Science Thom Powell  Amazon

Or click on this link:                                     

About the book:
Edges of Science, Thom Powell’s third book, is an anthology of scientific mysteries that all relate to a central theme:  the place of our Earth within a vast galaxy of stars, many of which are inhabited by sentient beings that are fully aware of Earth and well-meaning but sometimes inept humans that inhabit it. Thom is a career science teacher who has researched and reports on a plethora of scientific mysteries that are much more related to each other than they first appear.  UFOs, crop circles, ancient pueblos, earthen mounds, sasquatches, and lake monsters are just some of the mysterious phenomena that manifest themselves occasionally on Earth and suggest something of profound importance that is going on at the Edges of Science.

Don't own a Kindle reader?  

All major brands of smart phones have a free app that can be acquired through the app store that will enable you to read Kindle files on your phone.  You can have the whole book on your phone.  Even if you prefer the paperback and never get around to reading the Kindle version,, buying the Kindle file for TWO DOLLARS will be a hugely helpful toward making Edges of Science a potential best seller. Please help elevate the first day sales by buying a the Kindle version of Edges of Science on Sunday, June 21st.  This is a truly profound book.  You will not be sorry you bought it and Thom will appreciate your participation in this promotional campaign.


  1. If I buy it now will it screw the pooch? Either way, stoked to see its happening!

  2. If I buy it now will it screw the pooch? Either way, stoked to see its happening!

  3. I'm in 2 clams. Do you still get 5 bucks off the paper version w/ a kindle version

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