Monday, June 29, 2015

Is The Entire Universe A Holographic Projection?

    There is an idea that has been discussed since the 1980's that the entire universe that we experience is really just a hologram (just as in the famous eighties movie, "The Matrix") and the birth of the universe 12.8 billion years ago never happened. The book that started the serious discussion was The Holographic Universe,
by Michael Talbot.  What's even more interesting, and new, is that physicists may be able to solidly verify or refute this idea using the Large Hadron Supercollider. Click here to be linked to a more lengthy article.  Here is a key quote from this article:
"The thinking goes like this: Some distant two-dimensional surface contains all the data needed to fully describe our world — and much like in a hologram, this data is projected to appear in three dimensions. Like the characters on a TV screen, we live on a flat surface that happens to look like it has depth.
The laws of physics seem to make more sense when written in two dimensions than in three
It might sound absurd. But if physicists assume it's true when doing their calculations, all sorts of big physics problems — such as the nature of black holes and the reconciling of gravity and quantum mechanics — become much simpler to solve. In short, the laws of physics seem to make more sense when written in two dimensions than in three."
     Another thing you could do if you find this thinking interesting, is buy and read Edges of Science, by yours truly.  There is a chapter in there called "Down the Rabbit Hole" and it tackles some of these same problems.  Edges is a book about scientific problems that have no solutions at present, but have enormous implications for understanding our place in the world that we experience. Don't make the mistake of thinking that, just because you can't prove something, it doesn't exist or cannot be fully understood.  It just take a different way of investigating: one becomes more of an intelligence gatherer (a spy, if you will) than a scientist, per se. That is the thesis of Edges of Science, and it is gratifying as the author of this very speculative treatment of scientific mysteries to see that the same questions raised in Edges are being bandied about by the most distinguished physicists on the planet.
     So, if someone tells you Edges of Science is baloney because he has no scientific proof, just ask them why, then, are cutting edge physicists using the most expensive scientific tool on the planet to investigate some of these same questions. The answer is, of course, that we may not have answers yet but they are coming.  This book will put you ahead of the scientific answers as we have at present.  That's why it's called Edges of Science! Here is a link that will take to the book on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Amazing Guy Edwards

     This blog post is to recognize of the brilliance of one Guy.  Graphic arts genius Guy Edwards, that is.
Guy Edwards
Guy has had everything to do with the success that the Edges of Science project has so far achieved. Mr. Edwards designed the cover, back and front, and he conceived  the successful promotional campaign that elevated the one day sales to the top of the book category.  Now he's hard at work on the companion website, which will be finished in another day.
     Folks, this Guy works fast AND he works smart.  I'll be honest, when I hired him on to this project, the amount he was quoting seemed too high.  Based on his reputation, I swallowed hard and hired him anyway.  What he was offering to do was, after all, exactly what I needed; namely EVERYTHING...and that is exactly what Guy delivered.  Now I can see what a an amazing bargain I got.  Guy Edwards did not put me up to this, but I would be remiss if I never looked back with gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and brilliantly creative energy that Guy put into this project.  Let me provide an example:  When Guy showed
me the cover he devised, I was not at all sure.  I liked one of the other iterations better but Guy insisted this was the best one.  I deferred to his knowledge and experience.  Now scroll down to the six different covers displayed on the 'top seller' Kindle page.  Which of the six covers shown there absolutely jumps off the page with color and clarity of image.  Nothing against these other authors. I'm sure they created very fine books.  But their covers are a mess; total mish-mashes of conflicting images and unclear title information.  Then there's the "Edges" cover! Clear, crisp, vivid, and colorful.  Guy, you are the man!
     If anyone out there in the blogosphere is ever looking for some help with graphic arts, marketing, and specifically social media marketing, hire this Guy.  you can find him at
If you want to hire the best, you have to pay them what they are worth. I guarantee you, you will get your money's worth
Just look at his website, or his blog at bigfoot lunch club.  I pasted a page from his blog below for you viewing pleasure and as an obvious attempt at more publicity for my newly released book project.

Thom Powell's "Edges of Science" Debuts as #1 Hot New Seller

Tom Powell's third Book debuts as #1 Hot New Seller
Author Thom Powell's newest book debuts as a  #1 Hot New Seller on Amazon. Edges of Science currently tops the category of Unexplained Mysteries. It's not to late to order your copy of Thom Powell's Edges of Science.

About the book:
Edges of Science, Thom Powell’s third book, is an anthology of scientific mysteries that all relate to a central theme:  the place of our Earth within a vast galaxy of stars, many of which are inhabited by sentient beings that are fully aware of Earth and well-meaning but sometimes inept humans that inhabit it. Thom is a career science teacher who has researched and reports on a plethora of scientific mysteries that are much more related to each other than they first appear.  UFOs, crop circles, ancient pueblos, earthen mounds, sasquatches, and lake monsters are just some of the mysterious phenomena that manifest themselves occasionally on Earth and suggest something of profound importance that is going on at the Edges of Science.
Don't forget to visit Thom Powell's Official Website for more information and to learn about his other two books; The Locals and Shady Neighbors.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finding Bigfish

     It was indeed an honor to get asked to participate in an episode of 'Finding Bigfoot' before their season concluded in early June. I want to formally express my gratitude, especially to Cliff, whose idea it was to involve two local Oregon researchers in the episode: myself and Will Robinson.  The whole process of planning and taping the episode was a blast. Lots of action! Even if my ugly face ends up on the cutting room floor, I will have no regrets. It was great to see my old pals Matt, Bobo, and Ranae.  Look for the episode to air in late summer. 
On location near Mt. Hood, Oregon
     As fun as it was to work on an episode, there is fun of a different kind to be had when taping ends and Cliff comes home on break.  That's when the mission changes from "Finding Bigfoot" to "finding bigfish."  Truth be told, when Cliff and I go fishing, we don't usually catch much.  Unlike Will Robinson, who catches fish like few others, Cliff and I are usually too preoccupied with telling stories and speculating on the truth or
truths behind the bigfoot mystery to really concentrate on fishing.  That said, if you go out enough times, as in bigfooting,sooner or later, something is bound to happen.
     Well, it did. Here is a photo (below), taken by Cliff Barackman, showing the biggest fish I think I have ever landed. I confess, I kept this fish.  No catch-and-release that day.  Landing that bad boy was a two man job and in fact, it was so heavy it broke Cliff's huge net just as we brought it over the side. Also, the fish spit the hook just as it came aboard. Whew! That was close. it was salmon for dinner for a few nights after that particular day.  Thanks, Cliff, for inviting me along!

     Oh, and please check out my new book Edges of Science which was just released on  Here is a link to the book. Please  read it and post a review on Amazon.
Twenty-two pound spring Chinook on the Columbia River (note Mt. Hood seen through the windshield.)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thank You Everyone! We're #1 !


     It is with great pleasure that I announce that Edges of Science is the #1 top seller in its category (unexplained mysteries) on On the first day it was available on Kindle, Edges of Science shot to the top of the sales totals! This happened because all of you good people out there made the effort to order the Kindle version of the book on its first day of release.  Thank you everyone who bought a Kindle version that, if you are like me, you may not ever read.  Personally, I infinitely prefer to turn the pages on an old fashioned book, but Kindle is an undeniably handy way to store and read books for those who do not mind reading on a screen. 
     Of course, credit goes to Guy Edwards for conceiving the release day campaign.  If anyone who is reading this ever decides to publish a book, Guy Edwards is the person you want on your team.  Guy designed the cover and what a job he did!  When you go to the Amazon page that shows the top sellers (by clicking on this link), you will see how the clean, crisp, bold lines of Edges of Science absolutely overpower the other book covers that are displayed on the same screen.  And if that's not enough,  Guy Edwards conceived the successful release-day campaign and is making a companion website (which will be finished later this week).  Folks, I can say it strongly enough: Guy Edwards of is the one to hire to make your literary or electronic media project successful. Guy is a genius.  There's no other word for it. 
A example of Alicia's keen and humorous art.

     While we are at it, it also must be said that there are seventeen original pieces of artwork that adorn the pages of this book, all drawn by the highly talented hand of Alicia Bateman.  Molly Hart Lebherz was the keen-eyed copy editor who combed over the text to make it compelling, fluid, and error-free. Jack Powell did a final scan and fixed the few remaining issues that were created by my scatter-brained writing style. The whole team at Willamette City Press, but especially Sharon Beelart, formatted the book and saw it through to publication. Thank you, thank you to Guy, Alicia, Molly Sharon, and Jack.
And thank you again to everyone who participated in the release-day campaign by spending two bucks on Kindle.  You helped earn this book the recognition that will make it much more widely noticed and read. I truly hope you enjoy reading it and I wholeheartedly invite you to post a review on, no matter what you think of the book.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paranormal Pyramids and Edges of Science 

     Check out this link to a story about either an unusually perfect and symmetrical natural rock formation OR evidence of intelligent life that visited or once lived on Mars. We will certainly love to hear some feedback and further information from NASA but given their past reluctance to acknowledge the validity of any strange finds on Mars or the UFOs that are plainly showing an interest in the space station, we won't hold our breath.  "Nothing paranormal here, just a weird rock."  Sure, guys. It is, however, very difficult to deny that a small pyramid, or the very tip of a still-larger buried pyramid exists on Mars.
This is how young people read books: with their smartphone in the other hand! At least they're reading. That cool cover was designed by graphic arts genius Guy Edwards of Bigfoot Lunch Club fame. 
     Also, please remember that tomorrow is the summer solstice, the first day of summer, and the first day that Thom Powell's new book, Edges of Science, will be available. The book is an anthology of scientific mysteries that qualify as paranormal, although that word is misleading.  In many people's opinion, paranormal just means science has not figured out what to do with it yet.  I would definitely agree, and that is the general idea behind this bold new book.  As a career science educator, I can say that the world positively abounds with unsolved mysteries like bigfoot, UFOs, portals, lake monsters, ghosts, and more. Could any or all of these separate phenomena be somehow related.  Quite possibly. Are we able to it figure out. I decided to give it a try.
     For one day only, Edges of Science will be available on Kindle for just $1.99.  The paperback version of the book goes on sale on Amazon the following day.  If you are like me, you prefer to read the actual book, but the Kindle promotional deal is a great way to elevate the one day sales total.  This won't make me any money, it will just get some publicity for the book that will go a long way toward getting the word out on what is certain to be one of the strangest, if not THE strangest book you have ever read.
     Fear not, it is strange in a good way.  It picks the scab of many topics that have been swept under the scientific carpet for years and then offers a scenario which unifies them. The initial feedback is that it is actually pretty well written, too.  But don't take my word for it. Buy it yourself for only two bucks this Sunday, June 21st, and judge for yourself.  By the way free Kindle reader apps are available to read Kindle files on your computer or even on smartphones. Even if you buy the book, the two buck you spend on the Kindle file will be a big help in getting the word out on this new book by Thom Powell.
     Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

DNA Testing, Kennewick Man, and Sasquatch/Bigfoot: Don't Hold Your Breath

Clearly, the reconstruction of facial features shows that Kennewick Man is the missing twin brother of Jeffrey Lebowski, Jeff Bridges character from the Cohen brothers comedy, The Big Lebowski.

      Recent advances in DNA testing have enable geneticists to better determine the ancestry of 'Kennewick Man', the 10,000-year-old skeleton found along the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington. It was just announced that the bones, which have been called the most important anthropological find in all of North America, are most likely related to the modern day Colville Nation that resides in northeast Washington. (Here is the link to a longer piece at Huffington Post.
     One might wonder whether these advances in DNA testing might be used to get a better read on the DNA in purported sasquatch hair or other tissue.  My personal take on this question is a definite "No," as in, "Don't get your hopes up."  The same problems still exist with possible sasquatch DNA that we have faced for a long time: degraded samples, similarity to familiar human DNA, unwillingness of labs to study the DNA, and behind-the-scene efforts to obfuscate the findings that are achieved. I would even go so far as to say DNA testing and analysis will never produce definitive evidence of bigfoot/sasquatch existence. Granted, "never" is a mighty long time, but the pattern that has emerged over many, many tries at isolating and identifying sasquatch DNA is abundantly clear: the best samples come back as 'human' so contamination is assumed, the best labs refuse to do the work for some strange reason, and when stalwarts like Ketchum do take on the job, they are vilified and their work is discredited.  Sykes at Oxford seemed like the best chance, yet his finding was so bizarre (polar bear) as to leave one wondering about the accuracy of that result.
     And, of course, I tend to support the view that some of the samples that could or would get analyzed for DNA disappear under mysterious circumstances that suggest that the effort to isolate sasquatch DNA is being subverted.  Conspiracy, you ask? Sure.  But why? Because of what the sasquatch really is!  OK, Thom, what is it? Well, I'll tell ya, but it's complicated. So guess what? You'll have to buy my new book, Edges of Science to get the whole answer to that question.  (Ha, Ha! I bet you saw that one coming.)  Anyway, the wait is over.  This much-discussed book comes out this weekend, and you can by it for one day only (this Sunday) for $1.99 at as a Kindle file.  The actual book will be available (also on Amazon) starting on the following Monday.  Scroll down to the previous post on this blog for more details and an Amazon link.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

UFOs Over Loch Ness?

When Paranormal Phenomena Intersect

Enlarged view of UFOs
Original photo of Loch Ness and purported UFOs

     Ya go to Loch Ness hoping to catch a glimpse of an aquatic cryptid, and instead you come home with pictures of UFOs.  What's with that?   A recent Huffington Post article details a tourist family that, when going through their vacation photos, discovered that they had inadvertently captured a cluster of UFOs over Loch Ness, home of Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster.  (Click on this link to see the article.)
     The idea that paranormal phenomena inhabit the shadows of our material world is not an original thought. What is a bit more original is the idea that various paranormal phenomena not only exist, but that they intersect and interrelate with each other.  This hypothesis even forces the conclusion that, if one wants answers to the question of what is really going on in the paranormal realm, the ultimate answers may come only by regarding the seemingly separately phenomena instead as a sort of paranormal stew.
     I am absolutely convinced that the most important scientific question of our day is: What is really going on in the realm of paranormal phenomena? The answer may indeed be so complex that we have about the same chance of understanding it as my dog's chances of understanding how to change the oil on my car.  But I won't let that possibility stop me from at least looking for answers.  We can understand it, I think, if we just apply our intellect and ability to reason, but also if we do not shy away from the critical need to think outside the box.
     After spending years investigating the bigfoot phenomenon in a self-inflicted paranormal vacuum,  it finally dawned on me that the possible unification of paranormal phenomena is exactly the idea that needs to be more fully investigated.  So, that's what I did.
     Two years after diving into the paranormal stew, I have tentatively concluded my investigation. I have gathered enough information, at least, to present a coherent answer to the vexing question of exactly how at least some of the paranormal phenomena relate to each other.  The result is Edges of Science, the new book by Thom Powell.
Very snazzy cover designed by Guy Edwards
     I'm sure the reader of this blog is hoping for some kind of answer to these profound questions to be provided here.  Naturally, I would prefer that you instead buy the book, but I will offer two thoughts that will hopefully titillate potential book buyers.  First idea: It's complicated.  Second idea: The  the most important single phenomena that requires understanding if one is to make some progress is astronomy.  This is a mainstream scientific endeavor that has changed tremendously in the past decade, and it continues to change at a dizzying pace. One profound new discovery: ALL stars have planets. All of 'em!  The importance of this new realization cannot be overstated. It implies that not just life, but intelligent life has to exist not just in a few other places, but all over the place. So where are they? Why aren't they here?  Does this have implications for seemingly separate phenomena like bigfoot, ghosts, and crop circles? Like I said, it's complicated.
    Don't let this discourage you. The answers are out there.  I think the Edges of Science will be a big help or I would not have written it. In any event, the wait is over.  Thom Powell's paranormal manifesto is about to hit the bookstores.  The official release date is the Summer Solstice, 2015.  On that single day, Sunday, June 21, you will be able to buy the Kindle version of the bold book for just $1.99.
     If  the good readers of this blog are kind enough to buy a Kindle file that they may never even read, they will help elevate the one-day sales total to a level that will force the publishing industry to sit up and take
Some of the brilliant artwork by Alicia Bateman in Edges of Science
notice.  That's the plan, anyway. Please consider participating. Your involvement will make the difference.  By the way, if you don't own a Kindle reader, they're cheaper than ever, or you can get a free app from the app store that will enable you to read Kindle files on your phone.  If you're like me, this would be a most undesirable way to read a book and you will no doubt find yourself buying the actual book that will be available on Amazon beginning the following day, June 22nd, 2015.  Even so, please consider making a contribution to my release-day promotion campaign as a way of casting your vote for a wider recognition that 'the paranormal' is not the stuff of kooks. It is a valid, indeed profound direction for modern scientific inquiry.  I would argue that it is, in fact, the most profound direction of all.
     So, remember, Sunday June 21st.  Two lousy bucks and a visit to  Click here for the link to page for the Kindle version of Edges of Science.

Friday, June 12, 2015


The Official Release of

Edges of Science

 by Thom Powell

Big news. Not only is Thom Powell's much awaited new book being released on the summer solstice, but the Kindle version will be available for a one-day only promotional price of $1.99!  This is a one-day only special that will happen on the official release date of Sunday, June 21st, 2015. (That’s also the Summer Solstice, for all you Druids out there!)

 The paperback version will be available at beginning on June 22nd, but the one day special price is being offered for the Kindle version as a campaign intended to elevate the first day sales total.  Achieving a sky-high one-day sales total will make Edges of Science eligible for some much wider publicity.  This is a profoundly important and well-written book that needs to be read by anyone with a curiosity about the paranormal world that surrounds us all.  Please help make Thom Powell a best-selling author by purchasing a bargain-priced Kindle copy of Edges of Science on the release date of Sunday June 21st.

Just Google: Edges of Science Thom Powell  Amazon

Or click on this link:                                     

About the book:
Edges of Science, Thom Powell’s third book, is an anthology of scientific mysteries that all relate to a central theme:  the place of our Earth within a vast galaxy of stars, many of which are inhabited by sentient beings that are fully aware of Earth and well-meaning but sometimes inept humans that inhabit it. Thom is a career science teacher who has researched and reports on a plethora of scientific mysteries that are much more related to each other than they first appear.  UFOs, crop circles, ancient pueblos, earthen mounds, sasquatches, and lake monsters are just some of the mysterious phenomena that manifest themselves occasionally on Earth and suggest something of profound importance that is going on at the Edges of Science.

Don't own a Kindle reader?  

All major brands of smart phones have a free app that can be acquired through the app store that will enable you to read Kindle files on your phone.  You can have the whole book on your phone.  Even if you prefer the paperback and never get around to reading the Kindle version,, buying the Kindle file for TWO DOLLARS will be a hugely helpful toward making Edges of Science a potential best seller. Please help elevate the first day sales by buying a the Kindle version of Edges of Science on Sunday, June 21st.  This is a truly profound book.  You will not be sorry you bought it and Thom will appreciate your participation in this promotional campaign.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Great Interactive Map Shows UFO Hot-Spots Nationwide

This map created by Max Galka shows the relative locations of thousands of separate UFO sightings:
Not only does this map show the concentrations of sightings countrywide, but if you click on a location, it opens the file of reports that embody that sighting cluster.  This image above is just a screenshot of Max's map. To open the interactive map, click here.  Great job Max Galka on  creating this presentation of a very large data set!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Washington Professor's Find 'Proves' Bigfoot Is Real

"If you add it all up, you have an 8-foot, 8-inch tall creature that is killing animals at different areas of Mount St. Helens with its bare hands, chewing them up, literally skin and bones and all, and spitting them out between its legs," Townsend said.

Mitchel Townsend, a Winlock resident and teacher in the Lower Columbia College's  Continuing Education program, said he was walking through the woods near Ryan Lake in East Lewis County when he came across a stack of bones. The find itself was unusual since predators typically disperse remains rather quickly, he said. Upon further inspection, he noticed large human-like teeth imprints in the bones.

"My theory is it's not an ape, it's a hybrid that has been interbreeding with Native Americans for the last 80,000 years," Townsend said. "That's why it is so smart and it has human teeth."

It has long been the view of this blogger that the principal error of most active researchers and members of the public have misinterpretted the bigfoot phenomenon for a long time.  It is gratifying to see that the tinking is slowly changing and that more and more academics are getting on board with the view that bigfoot not only exists, but that it represents a much more sophisticated population of creatures than was originally supposed. 

Great job and best of luck to Mitchel Townsend of Lower Columbia College. Click here to visit the Yakima Herald website story about Mitchel Townsend's fascinating discovery.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If ETs (Aliens) Came to Earth, Would We See Them  Coming?

Cute idea but this is probably the last thing that would happen in real life.
"Stay out of sight" is probably a guiding principle of interplanetary exploration.

Hell No!  If they can journey across the galaxy, they must be smart. If they're smart, they aren't wanting or expecting a parade, a welcoming committee, or media attention.  It is abundantly obvious to me that they would want something closer to the exact opposite of public awareness: Namely, to avail themselves of a very rare opportunity to witness first hand the innocence of a natural situation and an indigenous population that is completely unaware of their place within a much bigger and more complicated interplanetary realm.
  Think about Charles Darwin showing up on Galapagos for the first time. What a rare opportunity!  The islands had no human inhabitants, and the indigenous wildlife was blissfully unaware of his party's arrival. Now that's the best way to view a new world. Next,  think about Captain Cook arriving at the Cook Islands (Hawaii) amidst great fanfare and an immediate recognition by the indigenous, self-aware population. He may have been well-meaning, but Captain Cook proceeded to totally upset the applecart.  He literally contaminated the local population by virtue of his unguarded presence.  He  introduce invasive species (rats, mosquitoes) and disease that the local population had no defense against. He destabilized life in this idyllic world so greatly that, upon the occasion of his return to Hawaii a few years later, the natives killed him on the spot!
     This situation in 18th century Hawaii is perfectly analogous to the situation that would be faced by  ETs arriving on Earth.  Think about the 'Prime Directive' made famous by Star Trek episodes: Do nothing to destabilize the natural course of events on any alien world you visit. 
     It may be the stuff of a fictional set of TV shows and movies, but it has an undeniable logical and ethical relevance.  It doesn't prevent you from availing yourself of certain resources that exist there, it just dictates that, when you arrive in a new world, you maintain a certain discretion, even stealth, for the sake of the indigenous population as well as for the sake of one's commitment to  scientific and ecological integrity.
    Click here to visit the story published on Yahoo News that got me going on this rant.

Monday, June 1, 2015

God-Like Alien Species of "Watchers" Are Here

A fascinating essay by Robert Torres on the 'Paranormal News' website discusses a type of ET/UFO that seems to not only be directed at certain individuals, but also, sometimes, seems to carry a specific message for that individual.  I have encountered a number of people who agree that they have had such experiences. To me, it suggests that at least some of the time, encounters with aerial lights and such may include a specific message that can be gleaned from the experience, especially if one makes an effort to deduce it. Musicians and artists often describe moments of almost divine inspiration.  They emphasize that it can happen to anyone but one has to be open to the possibility AND one must capture it inspiration in writing before it is lost, which is quickly is. Click here for the link to the full essay. Very interesting, Mr. Torres!