Sunday, May 10, 2015

"We're going to detect alien life in the next decade, but not where you might think" 

Oh, Really?

     In the article seen by clicking on this link Jessica Orwing of the Business Insider asserts that new and improved telescopes now being built will be able to detect the signatures of life on planets elsewhere in the Milky Way. Chemicals, like water and amino acids, are more easily detected by very powerful telescopes on planets outside the solar system than on planets in our own solar system. This is because there are so very many more candidate planets outside our solar system, compared with the mere handful of planets and moons that circulate inside our solar system. Quite simply, the odds of finding life's signature elements improves greatly when one casts a bigger net.
     That's a fine and good, but it still represents some limited thinking. My specialty has always been thinking outside the box so that's what I'll do here: We're going to detect alien life in the next ten years alright, but not only will it be within our own solar system, but it will on our own planet. "Impossible," you say? "Crazy." Maybe. But a better question might be "How can it be 'alien' if it it living here?"
     The answer is, "It's complicated." But I will take on 'complicated' when my new book is released in one month's time. Edges of Science, by yours truly,is now in the final stages of publication. It unifies various paranormal entities and subjects (Cryptids like bigfoot, ET's, abductees, crop circles, and other weird phenomena) into one, big, very ugly, paranormal ball that occasionally manifests itself right under our noses.   
     You just have to know where to look. Put another way, it could be said that we live in a zoo. We are the animals on exhibit. Somewhere that we cannot see, there is a sign that reads, "Please don't feed (or annoy) the animals!"
      Give me a month to finish the cover, index, and stuff like that. Watch this blog around the Summer Solstice for the release of Edges of Science.