Sunday, May 24, 2015

UFO videos released by Chilean government

     UFO videos were released this week from the Chilean government. The videos were captured at the Academia de Guerra Aérea (AGA), or Air Force War Academy, in Santiago, Chile in 2012. After years of careful analysis, a scientific board has declared the UFO event an “anomalous luminous phenomenon” of unknown origin.
Close ups of a cell phone video of multiple luminous objects in Chile

     The investigation of the UFO incident was conducted by the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon (CEFAA), the Chilean government’s official organization for the study of unknown aerial phenomena. CEFAA is a committee within the department of civil aeronautics (DGAC), Chile’s equivalent to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. However, they work in cooperation with the Chilean military and other governmental agencies.
    Don't wait for the U.S. to get on board with the trend toward full disclosure but many other governments throughout the world are deciding the public is ready to know what their government has been keeping under wraps.  Click here for the link to the full story investigated by Leslie Kean.
    Here is a quote from one of the eyewitnesses to this event:
"They’re UFOs! Damn I can’t capture them in my camera! Look at the formation they have now! I am seeing a formation of five luminous objects, that my cell phone doesn’t seem to catch. But if you were here you would see them perfectly!
Oh my God, look! They are coming down! I can’t see anything in my camera. Over here look! Before they looked super big. Now they are getting dimmer. Wow, this is amazing!"

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