Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Join the "Write a Caption for this Photo" contest!

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The photo below was taken by Lean Cisco  (one of the Sasquatchians) at the occasion of Cliff Olson and Joe Beelarts Hopsquatch book release event.  Cliff answers a question (left) while Joe bites a sandwich that was served on a paper-lined basket. Joe's wife Sharon is the redhead front row next to the laptop with Todd's head on the other side. Such a boring caption for such a priceless photo.  Let's see you all do better.

Here, let me get you started...

 Why You Should Never Co-Author a Book With Joe!

Last Know Picture of Cliff Alive.

Get the Story Right Cliff! You're Life Depends on It!

A Re-enactment of Lincoln's Tragic Visit to the Ford Theater

I'll Fix You for Hitting On My Wife!(courtesy of Lean Cisco)
Send This On Your Pipeline to Bigfoot! 

Get Your Feet Off My Laptop if You Know What's Good For You!

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  1. Hey you! Down in front! Headphones! Are You Even Listening To Me or Just Enjoying the View?!