Wednesday, May 27, 2015

David Meets Monica (the sasquatch) in Michigan (A True Story)
 This story comes from old friend David Mann:

"Did I ever tell you about Monica, the momma sasquatch who teased me west of Mio, Michigan?  I went up and camped with Jim for 4 days.  Jim lived in Mio and tied flies for a living.  He fished the big brown trout at night, and had a closeness to Monica that I greatly admired.  It was 2003 October and getting cold.  Monica pestered us and I even got video of her.  Not exciting, she looks like a stump in the background. Here is a run-down on that river, with a nice trout:

Two days later, after I left, Jim went back in the evening and built a campfire in a likely clearing, and prepared to spend the night.  Across the flames, he became sleepily aware that Monica was watching him. She sat crosslegged.  He had a camera there, but his hand would not pick it up.. He just looked in her big brown eyes and enjoyed the experience.  She sat there a long time.  Then she smoothly rose from her legs, not using her arms at all, and faded back into the woods.

The same Jim got treed by a very nasty black bear a few days later in the same area.  He had forgot to bring the bear spray that I gave him. So he climbed as fast as he could. The bear was roaring and growling and climbing after him, but it was a large fat bear and the branches were thick.  Finally the bear heard something, went on alert, shinnied back down the tree, and ran off eastward into the woods.  A few minutes later from that direction Jim heard loud roaring, then whining and whimpering, then silence. Then he heard laughter. He felt that it was Monica laughing.

Jim wanted to go there and see, but that bear had scared him so bad, and he felt so shaken, that he just went home.

Here in the jungle, I sure do miss trout fishin. Even more I miss the springer fishing on Three Rivers up from Hebo which opens May 25.  I would always have 6 or 8 hatchery springers to smoke by Memorial Day.  I would always look for tracks in the grass and evidence of sasquatch coming at night to poach a few springers in the Deadline Hole, but never saw any evidence. Alas." 

David Davidovich

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

If You Don't Live There, Then You Don't Know


      My old pal 'Shawn' at the Bigfoot Evidence blog dusted off the 2012 survey by the Angus Reid Public Opinion Research group. It states that Americans are more likely to 'believe' in bigfoot than Europeans, and certain Europeans, namely Scots and Brits are more likely to doubt it, although these Europeans are more likely to 'believe' in the Loch Ness monster.

     The word 'believe' is in quotes because it is misleading in itself.  To believe means to accept something as real and true despite the lack of good evidence.  Most people, for example, believe in God even though there is no scientifically verifiable evidence.  (The Shorud of Turin and other religious artifacts are not seen as utterly verifiable.)
     The most interesting element of the Angus Reid survey is, I think, the disparity between the Americans and the Brits.  Bigfoot is as uniquely North American in origin as the Loch Ness monster , real or not, is uniquely a resident of the British Isles. Interestingly, both of these cryptids has overlap in these separate locations: there are Loch Ness-like monsters reported in American lakes like Champlain in New York, Flathead in Montana, and Cadboro Bay in British Columbia. Likewise, there are bigfoot-style creatures that are sometimes sighted in Great Britain.
     In 2004, while I was attending a paranormal conference in Denver, I had lunch with a guy from Inverness, Scotland.  At the time, I too, doubted the authenticity of the Loch Ness monster and I said so to this understanding Scot.  His cogent reply to my skepticism is something I will not forget.  He correctly pointed out that, the farther away we live from the place where some paranormal phenomenon originates, the more inaccurate our perspectives are likely to be.  He emphasized that he has no awareness of the plethora of evidence that argues in favor of bigfoot, but he suspects that people in the Pacific Northwest are much better informed. Similarly, people who live near Loch Ness are much more aware of the evidence for the Loch Ness monster.  Further, it was stressed that there are many more reports of the Loch Ness monster than most people realize.  There are even reports of Nessie outside the lake.  There is atlesat one fairly credible report of Nessie crossing the road before diving into Loch Ness and disappearing. But if you don't live near Loch Ness, don't expect to get the details of these extraordinary reports.
     The point here is as obvious as it is overlooked: As humans, we are all a bit ego-centric and provincial. We tend to accept information that local in origin and repeated.  We tend to reject information that is distant in origin and less-frequently repeated. It seems to be a part of human nature, but it is also a slightly dangerous tendency.  It makes us vulnerable to provincialism and ethnocentric thinking. Various acts of genocide throughout the ages, such as the holocaust of WW2, were know of locally at the time they were taking place, but greater public outrage was deflected by an uncertaintly and confusion surrounding the reports that did filter out to the world at large.
     The solution is as simple as it is contrary to human nature:  Keep an open mind and, to some extent, trust the word of 'the locals'.  If something is going on locally, it is the locals who ought ot know.  If you want the inside story, the locals usually have it. We are all entitiled to our opinion, but opinion and fact are not the same.  If you think you have the truth of the matter, but you have not checked with the locals, you probably don't know jack!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

UFO videos released by Chilean government

     UFO videos were released this week from the Chilean government. The videos were captured at the Academia de Guerra AĆ©rea (AGA), or Air Force War Academy, in Santiago, Chile in 2012. After years of careful analysis, a scientific board has declared the UFO event an “anomalous luminous phenomenon” of unknown origin.
Close ups of a cell phone video of multiple luminous objects in Chile

     The investigation of the UFO incident was conducted by the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon (CEFAA), the Chilean government’s official organization for the study of unknown aerial phenomena. CEFAA is a committee within the department of civil aeronautics (DGAC), Chile’s equivalent to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. However, they work in cooperation with the Chilean military and other governmental agencies.
    Don't wait for the U.S. to get on board with the trend toward full disclosure but many other governments throughout the world are deciding the public is ready to know what their government has been keeping under wraps.  Click here for the link to the full story investigated by Leslie Kean.
    Here is a quote from one of the eyewitnesses to this event:
"They’re UFOs! Damn I can’t capture them in my camera! Look at the formation they have now! I am seeing a formation of five luminous objects, that my cell phone doesn’t seem to catch. But if you were here you would see them perfectly!
Oh my God, look! They are coming down! I can’t see anything in my camera. Over here look! Before they looked super big. Now they are getting dimmer. Wow, this is amazing!"

Friday, May 22, 2015

         How to Repel A Charging Bear
A Swedish man is videotaped at the moment of a close encounter with a bear

If you spend a lot of time in the woods, (like I do) you sometimes wonder what the best approach is if you actually do  encounter, say, a hostile bear. They say: "look big!"
     Easier said than done, but the attached video shows that this approach is pretty valid, or at least it seems to have worked for one quick-thinking Swede.  Now, a grizzly bear, (being much bigger and therefore presumably that much harder to intimidate) might not fall for this particular ruse, so we'll need to see a few more videos before this approach is endorsed as a means of repelling the rapid onset of a grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horibilis)
     That said, watch carefully as this bad-ass Swede turns back the charge of a full-size back bear! Click here to access the link. Here is the gif:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Join the "Write a Caption for this Photo" contest!

Win a signed copy of Oregon Bigfoot Highway!

The photo below was taken by Lean Cisco  (one of the Sasquatchians) at the occasion of Cliff Olson and Joe Beelarts Hopsquatch book release event.  Cliff answers a question (left) while Joe bites a sandwich that was served on a paper-lined basket. Joe's wife Sharon is the redhead front row next to the laptop with Todd's head on the other side. Such a boring caption for such a priceless photo.  Let's see you all do better.

Here, let me get you started...

 Why You Should Never Co-Author a Book With Joe!

Last Know Picture of Cliff Alive.

Get the Story Right Cliff! You're Life Depends on It!

A Re-enactment of Lincoln's Tragic Visit to the Ford Theater

I'll Fix You for Hitting On My Wife!(courtesy of Lean Cisco)
Send This On Your Pipeline to Bigfoot! 

Get Your Feet Off My Laptop if You Know What's Good For You!

Monday, May 18, 2015

                        A Busy Week...

As the finishing touches are put on my latest book, Edges of Science, my life seems to be suddenly crazy for other reasons.  My lovely wife had a birthday, followed by another family gathering for Mother's Day two days later. We took advantage of a fantastic weather day between these two events to take a hike in some the 'squatchiest' terrain in the Clackamas Reiver drainage: Mt. Mitchell. It's a short (5 mile) round trip hike and not very steep.  The drive to the trailhead is a long hour on a rutted dirt road but the view is extraordianary.
Son Jack and wife Jane atop Mt. Mitchell
Tuesday I spoke at the local monthly meeting of the Portland chapter of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  They were curious as to any possible connection between the sasquatch phenomenon and the UFO phenomenon. This is a topic that I treat at length in my upcoming book.  Assistant director Keith Rowell has seen an advance copy of Edges of Science and he was eager to hear me present some of my findings to the group.

Wednesday I was back in the Clackamas River drainage, camped out as part of an episode of Finding Bigfoot that is being shot locally. A day later I led 120 eighth graders to the Columbia Gorge for a

Cliff checks in at my high-country camp
day long field trip to appreciate the hydopower, the migrating salmon, and the stunning scenery.

Students mug for the camera at Multnomah Falls
On Saturday, it, it was back to the Columbia Gorge, this time to Hood River for a day of follow-up shooting with the full cast of Finding Bigfoot.

Yours truly with the cast of Finding Bigfoot
Taping a scene with the cast of Finding Bigfoot
 Sunday had me at Guy Edward's Hopsquatch event at the Lucky Lab Brewpub in northwest Portland.  The occasion was the release of authors Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson's brand new book, The Oregon Bigfoot Highway.  This exciting new book presents the Clackamas River watershed (my home turf) and the highways that traverse it as a nexus of bigfoot activity.

Some may be dismayed to see a book published that reveals the secrets of one's home turf, but the truth is, it's public land and there is plenty of it.  I welcome the attention to the area.  Sasquatch aficionados are a non-consumptive group of forest users that deserve more recognition and visitor services, and Joe Beelart's book promotes the no-trace approach to camping and day-use that every national forest deserves. Good luck with your new book, Cliff and Joe!
Cliff and Joe present their new book, The Oregon Bigfoot Highway

Sunday, May 10, 2015

"We're going to detect alien life in the next decade, but not where you might think" 

Oh, Really?

     In the article seen by clicking on this link Jessica Orwing of the Business Insider asserts that new and improved telescopes now being built will be able to detect the signatures of life on planets elsewhere in the Milky Way. Chemicals, like water and amino acids, are more easily detected by very powerful telescopes on planets outside the solar system than on planets in our own solar system. This is because there are so very many more candidate planets outside our solar system, compared with the mere handful of planets and moons that circulate inside our solar system. Quite simply, the odds of finding life's signature elements improves greatly when one casts a bigger net.
     That's a fine and good, but it still represents some limited thinking. My specialty has always been thinking outside the box so that's what I'll do here: We're going to detect alien life in the next ten years alright, but not only will it be within our own solar system, but it will on our own planet. "Impossible," you say? "Crazy." Maybe. But a better question might be "How can it be 'alien' if it it living here?"
     The answer is, "It's complicated." But I will take on 'complicated' when my new book is released in one month's time. Edges of Science, by yours truly,is now in the final stages of publication. It unifies various paranormal entities and subjects (Cryptids like bigfoot, ET's, abductees, crop circles, and other weird phenomena) into one, big, very ugly, paranormal ball that occasionally manifests itself right under our noses.   
     You just have to know where to look. Put another way, it could be said that we live in a zoo. We are the animals on exhibit. Somewhere that we cannot see, there is a sign that reads, "Please don't feed (or annoy) the animals!"
      Give me a month to finish the cover, index, and stuff like that. Watch this blog around the Summer Solstice for the release of Edges of Science.