Thursday, April 30, 2015

                                                                                 Artwork by Alicia Bateman

Written by Keith Rowell
 Local bigfoot researcher Thom Powell will speak at Oregon MUFON's May 2015 meeting.  Come find out why Thom, a middle school teacher of science, found more than he bargained for in his research.  Thom backs science all the way and is still a staunch advocate of scientific analysis of bigfoot evidence.  However, today Thom acknowledges that some parts of bigfoot evidence are strange indeed.  And this evidence, he believes, may require a reassessment of science's underpinnings.
Thom's second book on his bigfoot research is shortly to be published. His latest book, the Edges of Science, should be available this summer. In it, he details his life as a bigfoot researcher since the early 1990s. Sit in Thom's back pocket as he takes you on his bigfoot adventures and reveals his evolving thinking about what it all means as the years go by.
Thom will give us a sneak peak into his findings and share his insights into just what kind of reality bigfoot apparently inhabits. Bigfoot just might be closer to UFO realities than you think.
Don't miss this talk by Thom on May 12 at our usual Oregon MUFON meeting place.

This link will take you to the MUFON/Oregon webpage:


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