Thursday, April 30, 2015

                                                                                 Artwork by Alicia Bateman

Written by Keith Rowell
 Local bigfoot researcher Thom Powell will speak at Oregon MUFON's May 2015 meeting.  Come find out why Thom, a middle school teacher of science, found more than he bargained for in his research.  Thom backs science all the way and is still a staunch advocate of scientific analysis of bigfoot evidence.  However, today Thom acknowledges that some parts of bigfoot evidence are strange indeed.  And this evidence, he believes, may require a reassessment of science's underpinnings.
Thom's second book on his bigfoot research is shortly to be published. His latest book, the Edges of Science, should be available this summer. In it, he details his life as a bigfoot researcher since the early 1990s. Sit in Thom's back pocket as he takes you on his bigfoot adventures and reveals his evolving thinking about what it all means as the years go by.
Thom will give us a sneak peak into his findings and share his insights into just what kind of reality bigfoot apparently inhabits. Bigfoot just might be closer to UFO realities than you think.
Don't miss this talk by Thom on May 12 at our usual Oregon MUFON meeting place.

This link will take you to the MUFON/Oregon webpage:

Monday, April 27, 2015

UFO Sighting Over New York

 Nobody is quite sure whether UFO sightings are really increasing or whether expanded internet access makes UFO sightings easier to submit and more widely disseminated when they are reported.  Here is a recent sighting over a very populated area (Brooklyn, New York).  In general, witnesses say the photos do not do the sighting justice; that it is much more impressive, and even chilling, in person.  The mutual reaction shared by all who collectively witness it is also more vivid and memorable than what can be depicted in an article. 
     Also, you can expect that the media treatment will tend to trivialize the whole matter with some stupid comment at the end like the one in this link that quips about the ETs wanting to learn to break dance. Puleeze!
Talk About Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time...
 First-known footage of Everest avalanche (Azim Afif/AP)

My heart goes out to all the people of Nepal, not just the foreign climbers depicted here. What a nightmare!
The footage by German climber Jost Kobusch at the site of the Everest Base camp disaster is unbelievably terrifying.
The survival of some and the tragic demise of others is graphically recorded.  My prayers are with the victims as well as well as the survivors. The world weeps.
This Everest Base Camp video will live in infamy.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mapping UFO Sightings

Click here for an excellent map of UFO sightings since 1933 throughout North America.  It was created by Christian Pearson using data from the National UFO Reporting Center.  Nice work Mr. Pearson!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finding Extraterrestrials

The search for life elsewhere in the galaxy is not taken seriously by some, but make no mistake about it, NASA is taking it seriously. The upcoming book by Thom Powell entitled Edges of Science deals with this subject as well as several other questions that define the frontier of scientific understanding.  Click here to learn more about how NASA is going about it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


           The Oregon Bigfoot Highway

                                        by Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson

I am thrilled to post this announcement of Joe Beelart and Cillf Olson's new book since it is all about my personal stomping ground and they are both personal friends.  Most might be horified to see some of their favorite haunts being publicized. Not me!  There is plenty of room up there for everyone. I also feel that amateur cryptozologists are a valid user group that is underrecognized by the forest managers.  Maybe a stampede of bigfoot enthusiasts would force the wider recognition of these people as valid, non-consumptive forest users that deserve some accomodations.  Buy this book and go camping up the Clackamas River!  
(Photo below is Mt. Jefferson, probably from the camp spot on Pinney Butte.)

The Oregon Bigfoot Highway, by Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson
A travel book celebrating adventure and history along Oregon’s National Scenic Byway No. 5
The Oregon Bigfoot Highway (The OBH) is a collection of 31 Bigfoot sighting reports, 43 Bigfoot track finds, and 69 Bigfoot related incidents in the wild forest of the upper Clackamas and Breitenbush Rivers. With sightings beginning in 1924 and track finds back to 1911, the 352 pages offer an abundance of action and suspense. The OBH contains 118 b&w photographs, 13 custom drawn maps, much non-Bigfoot history and, nine detailed appendices. Published by Willamette City Press LLC, is available from and select stores at $19.99.
The OBH either begins or ends at the Oregon mountain towns of Estacada or Detroit, each only about an hour’s drive from Portland or Salem. For 15 years, authors Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson and a loosely knit group of adventurers branded the Clackamas Sasquatchians have scouted the area and gathered seemingly genuine accounts relating to Bigfoot from persons of diverse professions from loggers to lawyers. The compelling quality and similarity of these reports caused the authors to conclude that this is, indeed, The Oregon Bigfoot Highway.
Travelers and explorers alike will find the 70 miles of The OBH, which coincides with the National Scenic Byway No. 5, to be a journey through ancient forests and regal mountains capped in the south by majestic Mt. Jefferson. Embedded in the area are five national wilderness areas collectively designated the Clackamas Wilderness. It also includes two reaches of National Wild and Scenic Rivers. Thus there is little doubt this mountain highway is among the most beautiful in the nation and, a likely home for Our Barefoot Friends. So, find your imagination, open your mind, sit back and enjoy this remarkable book!
  • #1 county in the U.S. for Bigfoot activity is Clackamas County, home of The OBH
  • All reports from interviews and a handful of book and newspaper sources
  • GPS coordinates throughout for use with Google Earth!
Born in 1947 Joe Beelart has a keen interest in history, and local Bigfoot lore. He has written several books and has spoken numerous times about Bigfoot. Born in 1932 Cliff Olson worked 39 years for Portland General Electric with the first 13 at a small PGE enclave in the heart of the south Mt. Hood National Forest. He found his first unmistakable Bigfoot track in 1957.
CONTACT or 503.557.0963
Joe Beelart:
Cliff Olson:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back From the Dead

Has it been two years since my last post?  How time flies!
Truth be told, I took an intentional hiatus to write a book.  I don't know about anyone else, but I can't accomplish the exhausting, incredibly time consuming task of writing a book AND remain an active blogger. Something's gotta a give.
     Well, it's done!  Edges of Science will soon be published.  I doing cover art and other details now.  The book will be out in about a month.  Now I can resume some of my other time-consuming and long-ignored pursuits like chasing bigfoot and blogging about it.
     It's good to be back!