Tuesday, November 24, 2015

  Sasquatch Summit:

         The Myth Is Truer Than the Math

Thank you Cindy Rose Caddell for supplying these photos!
       Johnny Manson's 2015 Sasquatch Summit had a huge turnout; probably the largest assembly of sasquatch enthusiasts in the western United States.  The only larger gathering I've seen was Marc DeWerth's Salt Fork Conference in Ohio.
     Johnny asked me to speak about my research.  Having heard a lot of these presentations in the past, I just could not bring myself to say what most others were saying:"Here's how to go out in the field, collect some evidence that helps prove that the sasquatch is real. (Then, please, send it to me!)"
     Being a contrarian by nature, I decided to rock the boat; that is, I went 'paranormal' with my remarks.  I said that the sasquatch were but one vegetable in a larger paranormal stew. If you want to understand the sasquatch, I said, you have to study the other ingredients in the stew.  I expected awkward silences and maybe even some outraged attendees getting up in the middle of my talk and leaving.
     To my amazement, the opposite occurred. A few laugh lines  always helps, but, overall,  my 'paranormal stew' message was pretty well received. I think the times are changing. The thinking is evolving. Paranormal ideas are definitely gaining some traction with the population at large.
     I met more people at the Sasquatch Summit than I can even remember. One person who was there, though I'm not sure I ever met her, was Johnny Manson's mom. After the conference, Johnny sent me his mom's summary of my talk. I was blown away. It's a beautiful combination of poetry and  prose.  It was truly profound. I think Johnny's  mom should have been a speaker. Here is her 'take away' on my presentation:

Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 6:38 AM
To: johnny
From: mom
Subject: the spirit in the woods

  From what i could hear of Powell's talk,
  he dared to go down the paranormal road, where we all live, unknowingly,
  where we have always lived. Paranormal doesn't describe the entwining threads in the tapestry.
  Quantum mechanics may begin to describe it for us,
  but isn't it something we have always known and feared:
  the realms of ghosts and aliens?
  Both are real, not just imagined.
  Usually defined by fear.
  When you learn about it, when you get to know a thing,
  It is not a monster after all, but Carlos Castaneda's gnat.
  Fear magnifies and distorts.
  When Carolina, Tammy, Lefty and I walked all the way to the river,
  we found this place.
  See the spirits?
  They walk beside us. We do not know it.
  In the Book of Thomas, not included in the Bible,
  Thomas asks Jesus when the world will end.
  Jesus patiently replies that the world will not end,
  the kingdom is right in front of us, but we cant see it.
  String theory allows these kingdoms, other realms,
  and they are not empty.
  One does not build a house of life to be vacant.
  250 million stars, they estimate, born every day.
  Creation is constant,
  and layered, in fine webs, and all connected.
  Sometimes the myth is truer than the math.


Friday, November 6, 2015

 "What is Bigfoot?"

Talkin' Bigfoot on KGW-TV: A Televised Interview with Joe Beelart and Thom Powell

   Here is a link to a televised interview with two local Portland authors of separate book on paranormal and or bigfoot topics.  Joe Beelart wrote the Oregon Bigfoot Highway, published in 2015.  It is the most detailed and authoritative book ever written on a specific locality, the Clackamas River basin, and the bigfoot encounters that have occurred within its confines.   
     If Joe's work is essentially a book on where to find bigfoot, Thom Powell's new book, also published in 2015, might best be described as a book that addresses one key question: "What is Bigfoot?"
     Most of the four minute interview focuses on Joe's research in the Clackamas River basin. Thom's contribution is to present a list of the possible answers to the central question.  Sorry, but if you want a definitive answer, you'll have to buy a copy of Edges of Science.  The answer is in there. Here is a link to a page where signed copies of Edges can be ordered directly from the author. 
Post-interview photo of (from left) Oregon Bigfoot Highway author Joe Beelart, anchor/newsman Chris Willis and son, and Edges of Science author Thom Powell.  Note Chris' son proudly displaying his souvenir copy of Thom's novel, Shady Neighbors.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I don't know where Dr. Franklin Ruehl is getting his information, but it totally matches my sources,  Check this out:

Is Bigfoot Possibly an Alien Entity? 

Roger Patterson
Rather than being a missing link between man and the apes, Bigfoot may possibly be an alien entity. This intriguing possibility is derived from evidence in several solid UFO cases.
The earliest clues date back to 1888, when a cattleman described an encounter with friendly Indians in Humboldt County, California. They led him to a cave where he saw a hefty humanoid creature covered in long, shiny black hair, with no neck, sitting cross-legged.
One Indian told him three of these "Crazy Bears" had been cast out of a small moon that dropped from the sky and landed.The "moon" then ascended back into the air. So it's highly likely the "Crazy Bears" were really Bigfoots, and the "moon," a spacecraft.
Now fast-forward almost 100 years to 1973... and Mrs. Reafa Heitfield. She and her 13-year-old son were sleeping in a trailer in Cincinnati, Ohio on the morning of October 21. Reafa arose at 2:30 a.m. to quench her thirst, and noticed strange lights in the adjoining parking lot. Looking out the window, her attention was drawn, in particular, to an inexplicable cone of light, shaped like a huge bubble umbrella -- about seven feet in diameter.
Nearby she spotted a grayish, ape-like creature with a large, downward angled snout, no neck and a sizable waist. Moving slowly, it then entered into the light. About five minutes later, both apeman and UFO disappeared.
Another dramatic incident occurred a few days later on October 25, 1973. A group of farmers in Fayette County, Pennsylvania caught sight of a dome-shaped UFO that was brightly lit and about 100 feet in diameter. As the locals drove toward it, they saw a pair of gargantuan creatures covered with thick, matted hair, luminescent green eyes and long arms that dangled below their knees.
A farmer's son fired a gun shot at the creatures, one of which raised its right hand in the air. At that very moment, the UFO disappeared. Then, the two Bigfoots escaped into the woods and were never seen again.
Dairy farmer William Bosak of Frederic, Wisconsin was returning from a co-op meeting about 10:30 p.m. on December 9, 1974, when he nearly slammed into a globular UFO on the road in front of him, its bottom half enshrouded in fog.
Inside the visible transparent dome was a six-foot-tall ape-like creature with reddish-brown fur covering its body (except for the face) and distinctive pointed ears. It appeared to be operating a control panel. As Bosak passed by, the object suddenly arose and disappeared.
In August,1976, after a series of UFO sightings around Rutland, British Columbia, Canada, several men and their children saw a hairy ape-like entity, six to seven feet tall roaming about a mountainside. They also found a clump of hair that was sent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for identification. Laboratory analysis confirmed it was primate hair, but, significantly, it could not be matched to any known species on earth!
Perhaps the Bigfoot creatures are UFO pilots, landing on earth for exploratory purposes. Or, conceivably, higher level ETs are leaving behind some specimens as "guinea pigs" to test our environment for long-term survival. Or, possibly,these Bigfoots are criminal entities being deposited on Earth as a form of cosmic deportation!
See a related intriguing video here.

(If anyone know Dr. Ruehl, please tell him he would enjoy reading Edges of Science!)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

OCTOBER 18th! 

Author Thom Powell and the Edges of Science

Everything is connected to Bigfoot, Thom Powell explains how

“I understand that I’m working on the fringe, if not outside the boundaries, of science. Science in its purest form not only tolerates exploring the frontier, but also requires it, invites it.” --Thom Powell; Author

The above quote is from a recent Portland Tribune article titled "Exploring the Edges of Science". Recognized and respected by most as a middle school science teacher, he has continued to lead the Bigfoot community into the fringe, pushing the envelope and shaping how we think about Bigfoot research.

Thom continues to be in high demand as a speaker for Bigfoot conferences, lately he has added the UFO-types to his audience. Thom is the perfect ambassador for these two world and world we may not be familiar with. Come to the NW Lucky Lab on October 18th and brings a new paradigm to Bigfoot.

DATE: Sunday, October 18th
TIME: 12:30-3:00
WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209
WHO: Author Thom Powell

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Exploring the 'Edges of Science'

 Robert Gray Middle School teacher Thom Powell releases a new book about his paranormal research
CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Thom Powell has taught science at Robert Gray Middle School for 30 years. He recently released a new book about his paranormal research.
CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Thom Powell has taught science at Robert Gray Middle School for 30 years. He recently released a new book about his paranormal research


     Thom Powell has dedicated his life to the teaching and study of science. But the Robert Gray Middle School science teacher is also drawn to the paranormal — and he doesn’t see that as a paradox.
“I understand that I’m working on the fringe, if not outside the boundaries, of science,” he says. “Science in its purest form not only tolerates exploring the frontier, but also requires it, invites it.”
That’s the idea behind Powell’s latest book, “Edges of Science,” which was published in June by Willamette City Press in West Linn. The book follows Powell’s past 20 years of paranormal research, including his study of Bigfoot, UFOs and crop circles.
CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Thom Powell's book, 'Edges of Science,' recounts his past 20 years of paranormal research and searches for parallels between phemomena such as Bigfoot, UFOs and crop circles.
CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Thom Powell's book, 'Edges of Science,' recounts his past 20 years of paranormal research and searches for parallels between phemomena such as Bigfoot, UFOs and crop circles.
     Powell, who has taught at Robert Gray for 30 years and currently teaches eighth-grade Earth and space science, says he doesn’t incorporate his paranormal interests into many of his lessons. But he does teach a UFO lesson at the end of his astronomy unit, to hold students’ attention on the last day of school before winter break. His classroom is decorated with Bigfoot drawings and paraphernalia from his students, and he says his fascination with Sasquatch is often a subject of jokes with his students.
     “It’s a safe topic for humor,” he says. And he doesn’t mind being the target of his students’ banter: “My Bigfoot jokes are better than their Bigfoot jokes.”
Powell’s book combines his own research with testimonies he gathered from people who said they’d experienced a paranormal event, such as one anonymous Hillsdale woman who believed she had been abducted by aliens.
     He says he was surprised when people who he considered logical and level-headed approached him with their paranormal stories, and the parallels between the accounts intrigued him.
     The people “didn’t fit into any category of kook or weirdo,” he says. “Are they misinterpreting something, or are they telling the truth?”
Powell in 2003 released his first book, “The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon,” which focused specifically on his Bigfoot research. His latest book searches for connections between Bigfoot and all other paranormal phenomena.
     He says that after more than two decades studying the paranormal, he’s OK with people thinking that he’s crazy; he knows that many scientists’ ideas weren’t embraced during their lifetime, either.
     “If you’re going to venture into the frontier of science, you have to be prepared for not only scorn and derision, but also no fulfillment in your lifetime — but that’s OK,” he says.
For now, researching and writing about the paranormal — and being known as the local Sasquatch expert — is fulfillment enough.
Contact Kelsey O’Halloran at 503-636-1281 ext. 101 or kelseyo@pamplinmedia.com.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

After Lengthy Illness, Ray Crowe Passes

A Remembrance by Loren Coleman
Ray Crowe
Ray Crowe
Ray Crowe, 2013
It is with a heavy heart that I share some sad news. Ray Crowe died on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, in his sleep this AM, apparently of a heart attack at the Timberview Care Center, Albany, Oregon.
Charles Raymond “Ray” Crowe was born December 30, 1937 in Portland, Oregon. He was founder of the Western Bigfoot Society, a well-known butterfly collector, and a fan favorite among socializing Bigfooters.
Ray was born and raised in Oregon, serving as a weatherman for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Weather Bureau, as well as working in a variety of other trades. These included as a dye laboratory assistant and computer gauging technician with radioactive equipment background. He once said he took “pertinent courses at Portland State College, Multnomah College, Western Business College, and Clackamas Community College.” For years, he ran an antique and used bookstore in Portland, Oregon.
Ray was an active amateur scientist. He formerly was the President of the Geological Society of the Oregon, the Chair of the Oregon and Washington Ice Age Floods Committee, and was always active in the Oregon Archeological Society and the Tualatin Valley Gem Club. His butterfly collection was one of the largest in the West, and he contributed his collection to museums late in his life. He wrote several published articles on butterflies.
Recent years had been rough for Ray. On April 22, 2012, Ray suffered a stroke which paralyzed his left side, which also resulted in a collapse artery in his neck. He was moved back to the V.A. Hospital and given blood thinners. On April 25th, the V.A. Hospital determined that they were not going to treat Ray further and they transferred him to a respite/hospice facility to await death. But he cheated death, survived, and lived life as best he could during the years since 2012.
Ray was a Bigfoot researcher/archivist from Hillsboro, Oregon. His initial interest in the Bigfoot mystery occurred after he went with a group of Bigfoot hunters from nearby Vancouver, Washington (a rather militant group, according to Ray), who dropped Ray off on an isolated road near the forest. Ray found a set of tracks he could not explain, and he decided then and there to start a group dedicated to Sasquatch research.
Ray began his organization back in 1991, in Portland, Oregon.
Loren Coleman visits Ray Crowe’s Western Bigfoot Society, during the early days.
Ray called that group the Western Bigfoot Society and he held monthly meetings in the basement of his bookshop. That basement, which I visited during its heyday, was a museum of sorts of his years of collecting various Sasquatch memorabilia. Ray changed his organization’s name to the International Bigfoot Society, solidified its nonprofit status, and moved his home and the society headquarters to Hillsboro, Oregon.
Beginning in 1992, Crowe organized and held large conferences in Carson, Washington, called “Bigfoot Daze,” that often had established researchers speaking. He also created a folksy newsletter called The Track Record, funded through sponsors who sometimes would retain editorial control. Former sponsors included Peter Byrne and other covert individuals. The Track Record carried the latest happenings in the Bigfoot world, often with a gossipy, controversial or rumor-driven angle. Crowe had a very open-door policy when it came to his meetings and newsletter, but he always warned his readers to “wear your skepticals.”
One of the fun moments among many that Ray had was his interview appearance with a beginning new comedian named Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Season 3, Episode 96, on February 17, 1999. He ended up appearing twice on The Daily Show, and twice on Japanese television. Ray was also in the television documentary Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot (1999) and was in an episode of Weird Travels (2003).
Ray Crowe
Crowe was about to shut down the newsletter and organization in 2006 (after 13 special editions, one novellette, and one novel), but one rumor had it that controversial researcher Tom Biscardi offered to continue the newsletter and the organization with funding. But what seems to have occurred is that Ray decided on another route. Ray continued to receive reports and media articles from around the world. After closing his bookstore, he continued to hold meetings in various places until he started holding them at Dad’s Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. In 2008, David Paulides and his North America Bigfoot Search bought and saved the Crowe/IBS paper records and Track Records.
In 2011, Ray began holding meetings again, but his health continued to be a concern.
Since the death of his beloved wife Theata (see her obit) at the age of 66 on September 21, 2004, Ray expressed in 2006 that he had suffered some difficult months. Theata was Ray’s closest friend, and he shared a world full of her sense of humor, which he deeply misses. He often repeated stories about her. For example, once she was speaking to a reporter about the lack of monetary incentive in the Bigfoot field. Theata joked that she had made only $7 from her book, How to Cook a Bigfoot.
After Theata passed away, Ray’s health itself took a turn for the worse, as well. After Ray suffered a fatal heart attack , he was revived but had a blood clot in his right leg that caused him to have an amputation on that leg below the knee. Ray wrote me in 2006 that he “lost [his] right leg, so can’t get into the field anymore…hard to keep up any interest. Health maintaining itself after open heart surgery…chest still hurts.”
In April of 2012, Ray had to have his toes removed from his other foot. In recent years, due to advancing clotting and amputations, Ray’s fieldwork was severely restricted by his use of a wheelchair.
Towards the end, Ray sent messages to me, via Joe Beelart and Larry Lund to ready his obituary. I sadly did that. He handed the following 9/11/2015 written message to me via Larry.
Ray was a great guy, a great friend, and a great social magnet for the growing movement involving the social part of modern Bigfooting. With Ray Crowe out West beginning in 1991 and Don Keating out East starting in 1987, Bigfoot groups have since developed around the country that have copied those gentlemen’s organizational genius.
Ray’s extremely informal model for making an interest in Bigfoot an accepted focus for routine social activities is one that lives on beyond his life. That will be his legacy, I sense.
Ray Crowe will be deeply missed.


13-01-1994 PHOTO bigfoot lyttles cast from jim hawkins estacada usa661


Monday, September 21, 2015

'Paranormal Pub Night' is Thom Powell's Next Appearance

     Check out this very slick poster, cleverly built around the Edges of Science cover art that was brilliantly conceived by graphic arts genius Guy Edwards. When MUFON/Oregon lined up a speaking gig for me at the Mission Theater in downtown Portland,  I sent the artists at McMenamins a few images that they might use to build a poster. They astutely grabbed  the cover art that Guy created for my latest book, then they added their own type, keeping the design and color scheme that Guy Edwards originally conceived. 
     If imitation is the highest form of flattery, they they just paid Guy the ultimate compliment. Not to sound smarter than any other run-of-the-mill fool, because I, too, I had to be initially 'sold' on Guy's cover idea.  I liked one of the other iterations Guy cranked out.  Fortunately, I have one redeeming quality: I listened when Guy told me I was making a mistake.  I resisted; Guy insisted.  And of course, he was right. I gave in, and I never regretted it for a moment. Everywhere I go, I get raves over the Edges of Science cover art as well as the humorously clever interior art done by another great artist, Alicia Bateman. I am indeed blessed to be surrounded by so many talented people, including a brilliant editor in San Diego named Molly Hart-Lebherz. 
     Check out the poster above prepared by the talented McMenamin's artists who knew a good design to build from when they saw it and the original book cover art by Guy Edwards (below).  If you want to see the details of Thom's appearance time, date and place, visit the MUFON/Oregon website by clicking here.   And remember,  if you ever need a piece of brilliantly conceived graphic art for that important project, who ya gonna call? Guy Edwards!

The Edges cover design by Guy Edwards.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Edges of Science  by Thom Powell

      In the two months since it was released, Edges of Science, has been a hot seller.  You can connect to a page where you can buy your own copy, signed by the author, by Clicking here.   Thanks to everyone who has already supported this project!  
     With all the speaking engagements Thom has scheduled for this fall, it seems like a good idea to provide this page with a simple link for anyone who wants to own a copy of a fascinating and well-written anthology of paranormal and scientific mysteries. The book explains the role that Bigfoot plays in a greater Goblin Universe that is populated with entities that are able to come and go from our terrestrial realm. The world is stranger than we can imagine and bigfoot is only the tip of a greater paranormal iceberg.
     The reviews on Amazon have been great.  To see the reviews on Amazon.com or to submit a review of your own, click here.

Here is a list of events where Thom Powell will be speaking and selling books  in coming weeks:

Saturday, Sept. 19, 3:00p.m. at the Bigfoot Bash and Bounty all day festival, Home Valley Park, outside Carson Washington in the scenic Columbia River Gorge

Sunday, Sept. 27, 7:00 p.m. Paranormal Pub Night, McMenamin's Mission Theater NW 17th and Glisan in northwest Portland

Sunday, October 4th Mt. Hood Salmon, Mushroom and Bigfoot Festival 65000 East Hwy. 26, Mt. Hood Village, Oregon (speaking time uncertain)

Sunday, October 18, 12:30 p.m.: Hopsquatch: Guy Edwards' Speaker Series at Lucky Lab Brewpub, 1945 NW Quimby, northwest Portland

Saturday, November 28, Sasquatch Summit Conference Quinault Beach Resort and Casino in Ocean Shores, Washington (speaking time mid-afternoon)

Please introduce yourself and say hello if you attend any of these events. It is always a pleasure to meet and chat with people who read books on paranormal and science topics and who care enough  to show up and discuss their own experiences or interest in  these fascinating subjects. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The location of this gala event is Home Valley Park along the mighty Columbia River just outside Carson, Washington.  Please introduce yourself to me.  I'll be in the beer garden at 5p.m. and camping at the nearby park with Bob and Patti Reinhold by the railroad tracks. FYI, Skamania County, Washington is one of the hottest counties in the nation for sightings of 'Mr. Saskey'. 

     That said, if you want to camp in a sqautchy spot near the venue on either Friday or Saturday night, find the USFS Cougar Creek Campground about eight miles up the Wind River.  It is nearby and very squatchy.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

           OHMAWING: A Great New Short Film


     Everybody probably knows that in the bigfoot biz, there are two camps that define the two seemingly separate views on the nature of the beast: 'Flesh and Blood' and 'Paranormal' (woo-woo). The 'woo' bit was concocted by a F&B advocate as a slightly dismissive put-down directed at the rival faction. Some say it was Daniel Perez, others attribute the term to Loren Coleman.  Credit the paranormalists with more civility for not coining a similarly disdainful moniker for their intellectual rivals in the F&B camp (until now).   
     Interestingly, the distinction between flesh-and-blood and paranormal only exists within the sub-culture of sasquatch enthusiasts.  In the minds of the general public, all of bigfootery is decidedly paranormal.  In the public's view,  the F&B crowd is every bit as 'woo' as the paranormalists.  Therefore, I am sorry to break it to my friends in the F&B camp, but in the eyes of the world, you are "woo" too! 
     Personally, I have always felt that there was a middle ground between the woo's and the woo too's, and that such distinctions are petty and unfortunate.  This is precisely why I am enthusiastically endorsing a new short film by Tony Lombardo, a Colorado film maker and 
member of a small band of local sasquatch researchers called Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (S.I.R.).  The film, 'Ohmawing' explores the 'zapping' phenomenon that has been experienced by many serious field researchers and close-range witnesses to the sasquatch phenomenon. 
     To my knowledge, the term 'getting zapped' was first coined by New England researcher Chris Noel and his crew, but the phenomenon was  known about before the term came into wider use. Previously, there was a time when claims of being 'zapped' were considered fanciful imaginings of deluded bigfoot-believers.  Then, in 2003, a guy wrote about this thing called infrasound in a sasquatch book called The Locals. He explained that several members of the animal kingdom can emit ultra-low frequency sonic energy as a means of both communication and intimidation of enemies. At that point, the woo-too (flesh and blood) camp had a valid scientific principle to invoke. Acknowledgement of 'getting zapped'  no longer rendered one as paranormal in orientation. Now, even our most scholarly sasquatch advocates such as Dr.s Bindernagel and Meldrum can dialogue on the 'zapping' phenomenon by framing it as a manifestation of infrasound. Regardless of which camp currently lays claim to a better understand of this 'zapping' phenomenon, it is wonderful to see Tony Lonbardo produce a documentary film that bridges the gap between the woos and the woo2's.  Tony chronicles both historical references among Native American tribes and the experiences of modern field researchers like Paul Graves. 
     I was fortunate enough to view the entire twenty minute film.  It is an expert, professional job of film making. Tony is currently trying to get 'Ohmawing' entered into film festivals and I would like to do everything in my power to assist him in that endeavor.  If you would like to view a trailer of the film, click here.  If you want to get in contact with Tony about getting the film screened or to buy a copy of the full length film, here is Tony's e-mail address:<tony@ohmawing.com> Great Job, Tony. It's and excellent short film. Trust that this 'woo' is rooting for you all the way! When they see it, I think your film will earn the endorsement of the woo-too's too. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

NASA Announces The Most Earth-like Planet Yet!
Thomsquatch Nails It.
An artist's rendition of Kepler 452b, the most earth-like exo-planet yet found.

I'll only say it once:
I told ya so.
The science news blogosphere is absolutely atwitter with reaction to the news that the most earth-like planet, Kepler 452-b, has been verified. It's not any kind of close (150 light years away) but it has already sent the pontificators reeling with possibilities.  My favorite essay is the one at Huff-Po seen by clicking here, because it basically affirms all the same points I made in my recently released book, Edges of Science. In fact, the whole announcement, right on the heels of the release of my new book, is positively creepy!  Much that I published as supposition has been tentatively verified just three weeks after I went to print.  What's with that?
     Anyway, Thank you, NASA!  Thank you, Kepler! And thank you, Huffington Post, for saying the exact same thing I said, three weeks after I published!   I'm not accusing you of plagiarism because I know you aren't so nimble and attuned as to catch notice of my book, read it, then re-state it. Also, the recent NASA announcement is more than enough of a mental kick-in-the-ass to precipitate the observations and ruminations of the Huff Po writer. All I will say is, Ha! I said the same thing three weeks ago.  And if you think I'm just blowing smoke, scroll down to the previous blog post, in which I confidently state that we are not alone.  That post was published yesterday. Whoa!
     Oops. I said at the top of this post that I would only say it once.  OK, I'll shut up now, but please read my new book, Edges of Science, available at Amazon.com

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Is Anybody Out There?

Thomsquatch's  Response to Stephen Hawking's Massive New Search for ETs:

"Been There, Done That!"

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner takes the stage with Stephen hawking (center) and Lord Martin Rees to announce that Milner is donating $100 million to launch a new, more ambitious version of Sagan and Drake's SETI project.

     The 'Breakthrough Listen' project, a new version of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has recently announced that they are being generously funded by billionaire Yuri Milner. The new project is being enthusiastically endorsed by astronomical luminaries like Stephen Hawking, Martin Rees, Ann Druyan (Sagan's widow), and Frank Drake.  Personally, I am hoping they succeed.  I would hate to see Yuri Milner's millions wasted. However, like the original SETI project, I fear that it will fail if it is implemented as it is currently envisioned, simply because the project will fall victim to some overly limited thinking.
     Don't get me wrong. I am all in favor of the government putting more money into astronomy, especially radio astronomy, which is tragically underfunded at present. And so, I generally applaud the endorsement offered in the media by Professor Hawking and Lord Martin Rees of this new initiative that plans to pick up where the original SETI program left off. 
     The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was intitiated by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake back in the 1980s.  Despite a lack of significant results, it was carried into future decades by biliionaire Paul Allen (Hat Creek Array) and further re-endorsed by more recent program director Dr. Seth Shostak.  Unfortunately, the same illogical assumptions that doomed the SETI program in it's original inception threatens to doom prospects for success of SETI, version 2. The effort to detect alien signals hinges upon monitoring all the known radio frequencies, of which there are  tens of billions, in hopes of detecting 'spilled' or unintentional extraterrestrial signals like old TV shows or ET communications. Just like the original SETI search, the plan is to make a vast amount of radio telescope data available to the public, who will then use open source software to analyze the data on home computers, searching for hidden signs of intelligent signals. That's all fine and good.  
     The problem is that this has all been tried before, and it didn't work. Meanwhile, something else has not been tried that is a whole lot easier and stands a much better chance of 'working'.  In fact, I already tried it, sort of, and I got a very meaningful result, which I published in my new book Edges of Science, less than a month ago. If one has the book already and wants to get right to the meat of the matter, just read chapter 6, The Zoo Hypothesis. But, if you really want to understand where the ETs can be found or where they originate from, you will need to read the whole book. 
     It is a very important question, maybe the most important question humanity has ever asked, so I certainly applaud Professor Hawking for endorsing this new effort. That said, I am also a little dismayed by the rather ignorant idea that has been circulating for years, and that Stephen Hawking (shockingly) has just repeated. He states that there is indeed the possibility that the ETs we ultimately contact could be hostile, but we should look anyway. If they do turn out to be hostile, things could end badly for humanity.  They could take our resources, our planet, and our women, just as white settlers did to the unfortunate Native Americans between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.  In other words, the ETs we contact could suddenly realize for the first time that we are here and that we are vulnerable to conquest.  I have tremendous respect for Dr. Hawking, but this notion is patently ridiculous.  Fortunately, Lord Martin Rees is also quoted in the published article about the 'Breakthrough Listen Project.'  He offers the much more likely assessment that, if and when we did contact some ET civilization, we will probably find that they already know that we are here! 
     Duh!  Thank you Lord Rees for stating what must be the fact of the matter, at least if one applies the same assumptions and rules of logic that I do. And, what that clearly implies, at least to me, is that they must  be, in some form, already here. OK then, where are the indications that this is true? How about EVERYWHERE.  Maybe Stephen Hawking doesn't get out much, but if anyone else is paying attention, aren't we getting almost daily report of possible ET crafts in our airspace. Maybe some of the people who sight and report these things are crazy, but I guarantee they aren't ALL crazy.  These reports are, in very many cases, credible.  Credible enough that government throughout the planet have investigated them at length, analyzed them, filed them away, and more recently, released them to the public. 
     Then there are crop circles...right there in Stephen Hawking and Martin Rees's home country of England. 
    "That's ridiculous," you say. "Scientists don't study crop circles.  Only New Agers, do." 
     Fine, but maybe scientists should. If scientists like Hawking would just put their ivory tower tendencies aside and listen to their fellow English men and women, they would find that this area of investigation (crop circles), which has been so thoroughly discredited by smear campaigns, is not only valid, but it offers enormous insight into what is really going on with respect to the ET vs. Earthling dichotomy.  You just have to take off the blinders and carefully examine the details of these potentially spurious sources of information.  One you pick the scab, enormous truths are revealed. And, while it may not be as super-scientific as analyzing radio-telescope signals with computers, these slightly paranormal areas of investigation are whole lot cheaper and a whole lot more likely to bear important new information. Yuri Milliner's millions might yield results a whole lot quicker if at least some of it were spent looking in some unconventional directions.
     Since I have already done the background research, I think I know where the ETs are and how to find them cheaply and effectively.  This doesn't make me smarter than Stephen Hawking, just a bit more open-minded and a bit less concerned with jeopardizing my scientific reputation (since I do not have one). I am essentially suggesting only that, if scientist want to find evidence of ETs, they might want to try thinking outside the box.
     If you want to try thinking outside the box, envision a version of SETI that is much more economical and much more likely to bear fruit.  Start by  ordering a copy of my brand new book, Edges of Science, which can be ordered on Amazon here, or purchased directly form the author (signed) by clicking here.

    And finally, I would like to offer a great big 'thank you' to Stephen Hawking for publicly endorsing this new SETI initiative, thus providing me with an opportunity to offer my rebuttal to the limited thinking of the mainstream astronomical community.  I have taught astronomy to eighth graders for thirty years.  I love astronomy. I truly wish Dr. Hawking and others luck as they spend Yuri Milner's money on this  ambitious endeavor.  Maybe only after they experience another decade of failure and frustration will they will consider some cheaper, alternative approaches like the one  that is spelled out in Edges of Science: Look behind you! Look here on Earth.  They're already here.  Look down. They're beneath you.  There's more than one kind. They come, they go, but they have redoubts, and they are patiently waiting for us to mature as a species.They are very concerned about the current state of our planet.  They are as invested in it as we are. It may even be time to usher humanity into a greater awareness of our place in the galactic community as a means of focusing human energy on sustaining and even rehabilitating the livability of our blue marble, the Earth...but now I sound like a New Ager.  Alas, if the shoe fits, I shall wear it.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's Summer, And That Means...

     My introduction to the realm of the paranormal came from cryptozoological concerns (bigfoot) in the Pacific Northwest U.S. but from there I branched out. And, of all the potentially connected paranormal mysteries, one of the most varied, complicated, and therefore interesting HAS to be crop circles (or crop formations or, glyphs, as they are more properly know.  The Brits are all over this one, since so much of the activity appears  in cereal crops of southern England, particularly on the chalk-substrate soils of Hampshire County.
     If you are new to crop formation studies, you need to know that, while there have been historical hoaxes, the vast majority of CFs as they occur world-wide defy easy explanation.  Also, they are being seriously studied, and even decoded in some cases, by some really bright and really dedicated researchers like Aussie Dr. Horace Drew, and Brits like Lucy Pringle, Colin Andrews, and Freddy Silva. I was so enthralled by the beautiful patterns and the revelations they contain that I dedicated a chapter of my latest compendium of scientific mysteries, Edges of Science, to this fascinating pursuit.
     It turned out to be quite difficult to give this subject its due in one chapter. I did my best to not only present the mystery accurately, but to give credit to the amazingly dedicated individuals (mostly Brits) who have endeavored to bring this set of stunning mysteries and messages to the attention of the greater world. Toward that end, I would like to direct the reader to one particular crop formation that was discovered not in southern England, but Turin, Italy, and brought to my attention by dediacted student of the paranormal, Molly Hart Lebherz in southern California.
    What I find particularly fascinating about this particular crop formation that was discovered only a couple of weeks ago, is that it is, number one, not in the typical crop formation nieighborhood of southern England.  Two, it is a remarkably beautiful and complex pattern that lies well beyond the abilities of the petty hoaxers who are have long-ago lost the battle to discrediting the greater phenomenon. And, three, there is a very definite message embedded in this particular formation, probably in the form of a binary code.
     In Edges of Science, I featured the remarkable achievement of Horace Drew in decoding previous crop formation, specifically the famous Crabwood Glyph. I certainly hope Dr. Drew is focused on figuring out this one, but I would also like to take this opportunity to implore puzzle-solvers and students of mystery world-wide to join in the effort. Here is a start: Note the obvious sun motif.  Note, too, that it is a stylized sun that invokes Mayan solar imagery.  This becomes important because, as Dr. Drew found, Mayan numerologies, like the number 52, become important springboards for deciphering the embedded messages.  Just as important are the more contemporary binary computer codes like ASCII, as discovered by the late, great Paul Vigay,
      It's a big job folks, and it seems to challenge our human intellect at the highest levels, but I implore all willing participants to study this glyph.  It very clearly contains binary-coded information.  We just have to collective figure out what it is saying. If the past is the key to the present, then it behooves the interested readers to familiarize themselves with the groundbreaking work of Dr. Horace Drew. I provided a 'Readers Digest' version of his work in my book (available on Amazon here )but a more thorough investigation is probably warranted if the code of the Turin glyph is going to be decoded.
     My advice: put your other intellectual pursuits on hold for a few days or even weeks. Check out the Crop Circle Connector website. Google search on Dr. Horace Drew and others, who kindly allowed me to reprint their images in my humble and by-no-means authoritative summary of their remarkable achievements.
     So, it is with great admiration that I direct the reader toward the work of Dr. Drew, Lucy Pringle, Colin Andrews, and so many others.  By widening the awareness of their work, it is my desire to find some assistance for these brilliant minds. I think the messages embedded in the wheat are complex and profound, and it is an invitation for humanity to apply their collective intellect toward the goal of decoding, then disseminating, then assimilating these messages.  I know I am not smart enough to figure it out, but I also know that the world is full of people much smarter than me.  My hope is that some of these people who are generously endowed with gray matter will find the time to decode the secrets in the fields, particularly this one:

Monday, June 29, 2015

Is The Entire Universe A Holographic Projection?

    There is an idea that has been discussed since the 1980's that the entire universe that we experience is really just a hologram (just as in the famous eighties movie, "The Matrix") and the birth of the universe 12.8 billion years ago never happened. The book that started the serious discussion was The Holographic Universe,
by Michael Talbot.  What's even more interesting, and new, is that physicists may be able to solidly verify or refute this idea using the Large Hadron Supercollider. Click here to be linked to a more lengthy article.  Here is a key quote from this article:
"The thinking goes like this: Some distant two-dimensional surface contains all the data needed to fully describe our world — and much like in a hologram, this data is projected to appear in three dimensions. Like the characters on a TV screen, we live on a flat surface that happens to look like it has depth.
The laws of physics seem to make more sense when written in two dimensions than in three
It might sound absurd. But if physicists assume it's true when doing their calculations, all sorts of big physics problems — such as the nature of black holes and the reconciling of gravity and quantum mechanics — become much simpler to solve. In short, the laws of physics seem to make more sense when written in two dimensions than in three."
     Another thing you could do if you find this thinking interesting, is buy and read Edges of Science, by yours truly.  There is a chapter in there called "Down the Rabbit Hole" and it tackles some of these same problems.  Edges is a book about scientific problems that have no solutions at present, but have enormous implications for understanding our place in the world that we experience. Don't make the mistake of thinking that, just because you can't prove something, it doesn't exist or cannot be fully understood.  It just take a different way of investigating: one becomes more of an intelligence gatherer (a spy, if you will) than a scientist, per se. That is the thesis of Edges of Science, and it is gratifying as the author of this very speculative treatment of scientific mysteries to see that the same questions raised in Edges are being bandied about by the most distinguished physicists on the planet.
     So, if someone tells you Edges of Science is baloney because he has no scientific proof, just ask them why, then, are cutting edge physicists using the most expensive scientific tool on the planet to investigate some of these same questions. The answer is, of course, that we may not have answers yet but they are coming.  This book will put you ahead of the scientific answers as we have at present.  That's why it's called Edges of Science! Here is a link that will take to the book on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Amazing Guy Edwards

     This blog post is to recognize of the brilliance of one Guy.  Graphic arts genius Guy Edwards, that is.
Guy Edwards
Guy has had everything to do with the success that the Edges of Science project has so far achieved. Mr. Edwards designed the cover, back and front, and he conceived  the successful promotional campaign that elevated the one day sales to the top of the book category.  Now he's hard at work on the companion website, which will be finished in another day.
     Folks, this Guy works fast AND he works smart.  I'll be honest, when I hired him on to this project, the amount he was quoting seemed too high.  Based on his reputation, I swallowed hard and hired him anyway.  What he was offering to do was, after all, exactly what I needed; namely EVERYTHING...and that is exactly what Guy delivered.  Now I can see what a an amazing bargain I got.  Guy Edwards did not put me up to this, but I would be remiss if I never looked back with gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and brilliantly creative energy that Guy put into this project.  Let me provide an example:  When Guy showed
me the cover he devised, I was not at all sure.  I liked one of the other iterations better but Guy insisted this was the best one.  I deferred to his knowledge and experience.  Now scroll down to the six different covers displayed on the 'top seller' Kindle page.  Which of the six covers shown there absolutely jumps off the page with color and clarity of image.  Nothing against these other authors. I'm sure they created very fine books.  But their covers are a mess; total mish-mashes of conflicting images and unclear title information.  Then there's the "Edges" cover! Clear, crisp, vivid, and colorful.  Guy, you are the man!
     If anyone out there in the blogosphere is ever looking for some help with graphic arts, marketing, and specifically social media marketing, hire this Guy.  you can find him at www.brainjarmedia.com
If you want to hire the best, you have to pay them what they are worth. I guarantee you, you will get your money's worth
Just look at his website, or his blog at bigfoot lunch club.  I pasted a page from his blog below for you viewing pleasure and as an obvious attempt at more publicity for my newly released book project.

Thom Powell's "Edges of Science" Debuts as #1 Hot New Seller

Tom Powell's third Book debuts as #1 Hot New Seller
Author Thom Powell's newest book debuts as a  #1 Hot New Seller on Amazon. Edges of Science currently tops the category of Unexplained Mysteries. It's not to late to order your copy of Thom Powell's Edges of Science.

About the book:
Edges of Science, Thom Powell’s third book, is an anthology of scientific mysteries that all relate to a central theme:  the place of our Earth within a vast galaxy of stars, many of which are inhabited by sentient beings that are fully aware of Earth and well-meaning but sometimes inept humans that inhabit it. Thom is a career science teacher who has researched and reports on a plethora of scientific mysteries that are much more related to each other than they first appear.  UFOs, crop circles, ancient pueblos, earthen mounds, sasquatches, and lake monsters are just some of the mysterious phenomena that manifest themselves occasionally on Earth and suggest something of profound importance that is going on at the Edges of Science.
Don't forget to visit Thom Powell's Official Website for more information and to learn about his other two books; The Locals and Shady Neighbors.