Sunday, November 6, 2011

New York Times Goes Sasquatch

Brilliant make-up and costuming transforms Isaac Singleton into the best cinematic sasquatch ever portrayed.

    It's rare indeed that distinguished (and sometimes stuffy) publications like the New York Times will treat such fringe topics as the sasquatch with dignity and respect.  But that is precisely what they have done this Sunday in the Movies section of The Times.  The reason for the positive treatment is to recognize the cinematic accomplishment of the sasquatchs' best friend in Hollywood, Christopher Munch.
     As previously mentioned on this blog, Christopher has crafted the best and more factually correct cinematic presentation of the sasquatch phenomenon ever attempted in a fictional film. If you click on the link provided here you will be taken to the surprisingly lengthy treatment of the film and Christopher's utterly contemporary, even forward-thinking, view of the subject that he so capably presented in this landmark film.
     I hope everyone with an interest in the subject gets a chance to see this film someday. It is decidedly 'indie' and therefore, not an easy film to find in local movie houses. I suggest that interested souls appeal to the operators of your local theater to consider a screening of this fine flick. Credit also goes to reporter Dennis Lim for his courageous departure from the typical media skepticism and lampooning that the sasquatch topic usually gets, as well as the willingness of Dennis' editor, Manohla Dargis, who resisted the temptation to take the article in a more disdainful direction.  Also, Christopher tells me that Manohla Dargis is planning a review of "Letters from the Big Man" that will appear in The Times later this week.  Watch for that one folks. Meanwhile, click and enjoy one of the most positive presentations of the sasquatch subject you will EVER see in a major American daily newspaper. 
      Could the sasquatch subject finally be earning some much overdue credibility.  If so, we all owe a huge thanks to the work of the brilliant director, Christopher Munch. In case you missed the link to the Times piece above, here it is again:
Director Chris Munch scouts film locations on the Clackamas


  1. What's he doing on the Clackamas?? It's a long way from the Kalmiopsis where he filmed "Letters"..... Is he gonna film another SAS flic?...And the orbs, Leads me to believe that they know & approve of him......Wow..This could really go somewhere....if the Gov'ment censors don't cut him short...