Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting on Their Good Side

Randy Harrington checks camera traps in the
Kiamichi National Forest of SE Oklahoma

     While the general public demands definitive proof of sasquatch existence, some of us who actively pursue the subject (but not necessarily the creatures themselves) contend that the sasquatch are too intelligent to be stalked successfully like wild game. There are even indications that the sasquatch do not wish to cooperate with our pursuit of proof.  Such claims by delusional bigfoot researchers like me are sumarily dismissed as feeble attempts to explain away the lack of good evidence, and avoid the painful reality that the whole subject is ridiculously fake.
      Meanwhile, there exists a cadre of researchers who prefer to avoid getting bogged down in this search for definitive evidencen not because the suject is fake, but because it is my considered opinion that there is much more we can learn about these beings if we respect their wishes to be left alone.  So, I am both supportive of those who seek better evidence, and not interested in seeking better evidence myself.
      Instead, my interest is in trying to quantify, and understand, the intelligence level of the sasquatch. It also seems that evidence addressing this question is more readily available than evidence for simple existence, even though this evidence is even more vague and uncertain than the evidence that argues for simple existence.
     However uncertain, the evidence I'm referring to, almost all of which is annecdotal, tells me that we are dealing with not just intelligent creatures, but creatures of superior intellect. This is both a troubling and a humbling conclusion, and therefore one that is a very tough sell, even to most die-hard sasquatch enthusiasts. As usual, it would be easy to get bogged down in discussion about proving such far-fetched claims. And again, I chose to bypass this discussion and focus instead on the implications of this thought.
     The most important logical consequence of assuming that the sasquatch are at least as intelligent as we are is that it implies they must be capable of sophisticated communication, like us.  So, how does this communcation work? Is it possible to tap into it?  Trying a few things myself and comparing notes with other researchers who are also willing to be branded 'paranormal' or 'delusional' actually renders a pretty consistent little picture.
     First of all, it isn't very 'paranormal' to assert in this day and age that the sasquatch definitely posess spoken language. Sasquatch language is a fact. As previously stated, the evidence for this is actually better than the evidence for simple sasquatch existence.  Scott Nelson's very scientific analysis of the well-known audio tapes collected by Ron Morehead and Al Berry verifies sasquatch language.  The rest of the world can quibble about this for the next decade, but I'm moving on. 
     I am also satisfied that there are other forms of communication available to the sasquatch.  Specifically, some form of telepathy is being used by the sasquatch.  It is available to us as well, and has been studied thoroughly by science. It is not uniformly available to all humans so it lacks a measure of scientific verifiablity, but I feel it is naive in this day and age to dismiss telepathy as purely imaginary.   In a previous post,  I dubbed telepathic communication the 'coconut telegraph.'  Jimmy Buffet used that phrase as an album title thirty years ago but he didn't invent the phrase. It references a kind of telepathic communication that is well-known to aboriginal human populations in Australia, South America, and Africa.
     How ever flaky the pursuit of such ideas is regarded by mainstream science, it does seem to yield a few  interesting messages. I make no claims to success in direct communication with the sasquatch myself, but I know of several people who feel thay have communicated with a sasquatch. Perhaps the most well-know member of the 'researcher community' to make such claims is Kewaunee Lapseritis of Duvall, Washington. Lapseritis claims frequent telepathic contact over a thirty year period.  The messages he claims to recieve also have a certain consistency that seems to be borne out by others.  Kewaunee tells us that the sasquatch revere the Earth and implore us to do the same.  We are told by Kewaunee that the earth is seen by the sasquatch as a jewell of the heavens.  We are also told that our survival as a species is inextricably tied to the well-being of our fragile planet.
     I have been aware of this whole line of thinking for many years. Unverifiable, as usual, but still, nothing new. What is new, and what actually may support Kewaunee's claims,  is an event that happened to me in Oklahoma while attending the sasquatch Honobia festival and symposium in 2009.
    On the spur of the moment, I took Randy Harrington up on an offer to take a night-time tour his camera sets in a remote part of the Kiamichi National Forest. The following excerpt from an article, written by Mike Hall, describes the events of this interesting evening.  Mike Hall writes:
A stack of rocks with an empty water bottle
atop it was found in the jeep trail as we
travelled the forest in the wee hours.
  "That night, while riding the trails with Thom, Randy Harrington, Professor Marvin Leeper and myself, we found two things of great interest. 1st in the middle of the trail, was a flat rock with a plastic bag on top being held down by another flat rock, Thom and the rest of us quickly said that someone was messing with us and simply threw the rocks to the side and stuck the plastic bag back into the Polaris Ranger...that seats 6 by the way!
     We drove for several miles back into an area where there was a camera trap and bait station the Randy had set up just before the rains had come in, with the film crew to document, and then had to race down as the rains, just poured. ...we wanted to see if the VISUAL / AUDIO bait station was working, all four of us left the trail and walked up the mountain in the dark to check things.....I have to say with giving away anything , it did look really cool, and I'm sure that a Sasquatch would find it very interesting.

After unstacing a pile of rocks in the middle of the jeep trail,
a radio lost elsewhere in the woods was uncovered

     As we climbed back onto the Polaris, I asked Thom if he wanted to turn around there or just keep going. This is an important question as what we found next is incredible...Thom stated he wanted to just keep going.....about a quarter of a mile later we came upon another rock/stone structure with a plastic bottle on top held in place by 2 rocks on either side. we again felt as if someone was playing around with us, Thom even stated that if it were another research group trying to make an offering to a Sasquatch that it was really a poor effort on their part, and we started to dismantle the structure....when we got all the way to the bottom , Randy Harrington nearly died.....I have to go back now in time to Monday afternoon....MABRC had arrived early in the afternoon on that day.....unloaded their gear and ATV's on another mountain and set up a camp, then went riding the trails over there, Roy Mcclish placed one of the 2 new radios he had bought for this trip in his coat pocket and away they went, upon returning to camp he learned that the radio had fallen out of his pocket somewhere along the trail. also Mr. Dave Ganote also with MABRC had several photos in his upper jacket pocket that he had forgotten were there , from a trip he had taken his grandchildren on , and found that a couple of those had also been lost along the many trail‘s.      Now lets get back to Thom , Randy , Marvin and myself on Thursday night , on a different trail in a different area....digging to the bottom of a stone structure that was sitting in the middle of the trail.....and at the bottom.......The missing radio!
     Now I know that sounds fantastic, But as we rode back to camp, it became clear no one would believe us ...until Thom said to have the camera crew, that was at the conference to film a documentary episode, turn on their cameras before I show Roy the radio and then have Roy confirm that we had indeed found his missing radio.....Then show Roy the pictures that we took and tell how we found it."
AMAZING NIGHT!....that's all I can say....but it continues.
     Friday morning the 1st day of the conference, Randy Harrington drove his Polaris up in front of the Conference Center and prepared to set it up to play some music as people are coming into the building....Randy noticed the plastic bag that we had found the night before and was about to just throw it into one of the trash barrels on the grounds, when he noticed there was something in the bag....he reached in and pulled one, of the missing pictures from Dave Ganote.
     Take from all of that what you will but , I wanted to make sure ....I hunted down the Film Students that Randy had taken up early Thursday Afternoon to that same spot ,before the rains came in and ask them if there had been anything in the jeep road....they confirmed that there had been no structures of any kind on the mountain when they were up there Thursday afternoon, and after they had come down during the storm , all the MABRC folks and Texla were in the Conference Center setting up , Randy and Darren Lee had left to go to Talihina to pick up Thom and Jeff Meldrum in Darren's wife’s Mini Van...and it was after they returned that we all went up on the Mountain....and that the events of the night unfolded. WOW, I'm out of breath just typing all of that."

     There's nothing paranormal in Mike Hall's description but it did seem that something mysterious had taken place. It was the considered opinion of Mike Hall and Randy Harrington that there was no simple explanation for how the lost walkie talkie and the lost photograph were moved to the middle of the jeep trail from where they were lost much deeper in the forest. The objects were lost by the crew while travelling to and from well-hidden camera locations.  No one else on earth  knew where the camera stations were, and how to travel to them.  Could it be that the sasquatch (known to be in the area) found the lost objects and moved them to the middle of the jeep trail where the research team would be better able to find them upon their return?  There seemed to be no other plausible explanation.
     Understand that these researchers are as 'flesh and blood' as any bigfoot researchers you can find, yet  the circumstances still led them to the inescapable conclusion that the sasquatch were moving lost posessions around, implying that the sasquatch were much smarter and more observant than they originally supposed.. These implicaitons were rather difficult to for MIke and Randy to accept:  The locals sasquatches were letting them know that they (the researchers) were being closely watched while they set up their 'hidden' camera station.  It occurred to me later that there also might be another message here. Between the water bottle, the radio, the photograph and the plastic sack, all piled in the middle of the jeep trail, the other message seemed to be something along the lines of, "Pick up your trash!"
     This thought was a bit easier for me to accept becasue I had seen something like this before. A similar event happened to a local Oregon researcher named Russ Taylor.  While searching the extremely remote Roaring River Wilderness for signs of sasquatch, Russ took a tumble and, he later realized, lost a valuable pistol.  Travel through this trail-less canyon is very difficult and Russ didn't have time that day to back-track and search for the lost gun. Instead, Russ returned to the Roaring River a few days later and retraced his steps in hopes of finding the expensive sidearm before it started to rust.  He reasoned that the gun probably fell out of the holster when he fell off a log so he set out to find that very same log.  He eventually did find the offending long and, to Russ's amazement, he also found his gun,  lying in plain sight and carefully balanced atop the very log Russ had fallen from.  Russ was certain that the gun could not have landed on the log.  It should have been on the ground where he made a hard landing. He is certain he would have seen the gun when he picked himself up if it was just lying atop the log he fell from.  As with Randy in Oklahoma, Russ was forced to consider the outrageous idea that a sasquatch found the gun and put it where Russ could find it.  Russ felt certain that no human being cound have found the gun in that remote spot, just a few days after it was lost, then left it out in plain sight in anticipation of Russ' return.  Knowing  the forbidding nature of the Roaring River Wilderness like I do, I would definitely agree that no one else could have found Russ' gun in such a steep, wild, and trail-less wilderness.
      Around my own rural home, I sometimes find pieces of litter prominently placed on my travel routes.  I travel these routes often and in some cases I happen across items of litter were not there the day before. Like Russ, I feel quite certain that these bits of trash were not left there by the public, since I 'm not travelling on trails. It seemd that these items are being conspicuously placed for my benefit, like the walkie-talkie in Oklahoma, and Russ' pistol in the Roaring  River.  When I find such trash in my travels, I always carry it out, just so I didn't have to look at the trash next time I happened by the same location.. Only after the Oklahoma events did it occur to me that there might be a pattern to the litter I was finding, and even a message behind it.  This message might be a variation on the same basic message that Kewaunee Lapseritis has been espousing for years.  The message is beautiful in it's simplicity and its consistency: "Pick up your trash!"
     Some people set cameras in the woods in hopes of getting a photo of a sasquatch.  Others, like Russ Taylor, just hike and watch and listen and also hope to someday see a sasquatch.  Others jog, walk the dog,  paint a scene, collect mushrooms, or meditate as a means of projecting an image of peace and harmony that they hope will elicit a sasquatch sighting. 
     In light of everything I have heard from others and that which I have witnessed myself, I think I know another way to get on the good side of the local sasquatches. As Lapseritis has always said, you're trying to project an image of respect and harmony with the natural world, as the sasquatches themselves advocate. And,  maybe the best way to do that is do one of the simplest things you can do.  As you walk along in your favorite bit of nature, carry a trash sack and pick up trash.
     If there happen to be any sasquatches in that particular woods, they will probably notice what you are doing.  I can't guarantee that this will lead to a sighting but based on the pattern I think I'm seeing, picking up litter in the woods is a great way to get on their good side.



  1. LOL, I was going to mention Russ and the pistol as I reached about halfway down your initial radio description. Glad you did.

  2. I moved to Taos in April of 2006, and told no one of my Bigfoot interests. Early that summer, about 3 a.m. one night, I heard whispering down near the willow that happily grows over the septic tank, a large tank that serves 6 units.

    This was language, I realized, but did not resemble any human language that I was familiar with. Some of it was said in hushed tones, as if a parent reminding a wayward youngster to "keep it down, will you?"

    During all of this, I was lying on a mattress next to the window, but I was strangely unable to get up and look out. As I recall, there was no moon, and it was quite dark outside.

    The quiet voices moved into the large horse pasture out back. Shortly thereafter, I was startled (to say the least) to hear a loud, single word that HAD to come from a creature with an enormous, resonant chest cavity. It sounded like the voice in the "Samurai" recording of Ron Morehead and Ron Berry. It was a few months later, however, that I would hear these recordings (or fragments thereof) on the Web.

    I will never forget the word: "reet-ZAH?", spoken with a rising inflection that is universally an interrogative. "reet-ZAH? (where are you?)

    In the several years thereafter I lived there, I heard odd whistling from the pasture on several occasions. Once I heard a whimpering noise from hard by a bush that sits on a corner of the house, like a puppy whimpering. But it clearly wasn't an actual dog or puppy, but someone doing a passable imitation of one.

    I moved back east to Virginia in the summer of 2011, but I know I'll never forget these glimpses into a very different world than the one most of us know.

  3. I realize I neglected to mention the distance of these vocalizations. The willow tree is to the north (left) of where I lay, about 30 yards, maybe a little more, just on my side of the fence that separated the property from the pasture, by less than ten feet.

    The "reet-ZAH?" vocalization was directly to the rear of my window (east). The foothills of the western slope of the Sangre de Cristos are about a mile to the east. There are several dozen homes scattered back there, up to and into the hills, but there is considerable separation between most of them.

    The "reet-ZAH?" utterance must have been no more than 60 yards away. It was loud and very, very clear.

    There were two horse that lived in that pasture. I wonder what they could have told me, if they could?