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The Zoo Hypothesis

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      In Sunday's paper, an article stated that a NASA scientist unveiled evidence that there is life else where in the galaxy. He based his conclusion on fossil traces of bacteria found in a rare meteorite. I'm not a bit suprised. Now, we wait for the other shoe to drop.  You know, the one that reveals the evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.  I won't be surprised by that announcement either. Not only am I pretty sure that 'they' out there, it is also clear to me that 'they' know we're here, and that 'they' are  keeping an eye on us.  Since this blog has dealt principally with sasquatch matters, I bet you can guess where I am going with this.
     One reason so many people hate the idea that the sasquatch are beings from somewhere else in the galaxy is that it opens a much bigger, uglier can of worms. If the sasquatch are from someplace else, and they ended up here on earth, then there must be still others that come and go as well.  After all, the sasquatch don't look like space travellers.  In truth, they look rather primitive.  Either they are much more sophisticated than they appear, or they got here with the help of still other beings. If they came here all by themselves, that is disturbing enough. If they got here with the help of still other beings, then we've got a much bigger problem to face. It means that earth is known to at least a couple different extra-terrestrial groups, and quite probably, more than just a couple. Taken to its logical conclusion, it then becomes possible, even probable, that our little Earth is on everybody's 'galactic points-of-interest' map.
     Heck, why wouldn't it be?  Even from our limited view, there is nothing as hospitable as our Earth anywhere nearby.  Based on what we've seen of space so far, we inhabit a veritable oasis; a garden like no other.  If this is true, then we would indeed be on all the maps, if for no other reason than our abundant supply of fresh water.  Pure liquid water would be an important and useful commodity to galactic travellers. Simple electrolysis can separate water into hydrogen (for fuel) and oxygen (for breathing and supporting combustion). In other words, we live on a gas station, and I'm guessing that lots of space-faring civilizations know it.  So, how come we don't see more sign of comings and goings by extraterrestrial beings?
     This question has been kicking around for at least sixty years. In 1950, Edward Teller, Enrico Fermi, and a few other nuclear physicists working on the hydrogen bomb got together for some lunch.  At the time, there had also been a spate of UFO sightings in the news. Fermi was asked for his opinion of these reports. Fermi was a brilliant physicist who was widely known for his uncanny ability to formulate accurate estimates based on very little actual data. True to character, Fermi made some quick calculations on his napkin and on that basis, he deduced that there must be many planets in our galaxy that support intelligent life and some of these planets must be capable of space travel. Fermi was left with the inescapable conclusion that Earth must be visited often by aliens, and these visits should have been happening for a very long time.  The fact that there should be lots of alien traffic on Earth that we are not seeing was a bit of a paradox to Fermi.  This unresolved question is still known today as the 'Fermi Paradox.'
     Fermi's himself devised a solution to the 'Fermi paradox' at this same luncheon. He surmised that extra-terrestrials are indeed here, but they stay out of sight, kind of like like visitors at a zoo try to do.  We've all seen the signs: 'Please don't feed the animals.' In Fermi's mind, Earth is the zoo and we are the animals.  Perhaps the alien visitors abide by some form of agreement not to disturb the locals (us).  Fermi's guess as to why we do not see the ET  presence here on earth is known today as the 'zoo hypothesis.'  In essence, Fermi said that the alien presence is conspicuous by virtue of it's absence.
    On Saturday there was yet another interesting article in the paper related to this line of thinking.   Great Britian just released a fresh batch of UFO documents that had long been held secret by their Ministry of Defence. While there were no 'smoking guns' proving the existence of extraterrestrials in these newly released M.O.D. papers, England has again acknowledged that there are files and therefore official government study of this subject. If Great Britian keeps such files, what do you suppose our United States government is sitting on? Clearly, statements by our own government that they do not study UFO's are lies.
     None of this needs to have anything to do with the sasquatch phenomenon.  The mainstream bigfoot enthusiast would argue strenuously that the sasquatch as a species could have evolved right here on earth, probably from a primate ancestor that we humans share with it. I used to feel this way myself. What changed my thinking was a whole series of personal experiences and accounts gathered from others that utterly challenged the notion that we are dealing with just another elusive but earthbound primate species.
     Meanwhile, other paranormal phenomena intersect with the sasquatch phenomenon time and time again, leaving some of us to wonder whether it would be not just expedient but logical to merge the sasquatch phenomenon with at least some of the other paranormal matters, including extra-terrestrials. It would  simplify the realm of the paranormal greatly if we could unify some of the other mysterious phenomena that we believe to exist here on earth. John Keel was a big advocate of this unification and I must admit that from a purely logical point of view, I do like this idea, even though unifying paranormal phenomena also puts any real answers to the sasquatch mystery much further out of reach,  for it implies a much greater degree of sophistication than would be thought possible if the sasquatch was a  purely a terrestrial beast.
         I decided it was time to branch out.  I tried tried to broaden my horizons and learn more about other paranormal phenomena that might have bearing on the sasquatch biz. Strangely, the more I tried to bring in new sources of information and the more I tried to think outside the box, the more it bagan to appear to me that it was actually the scientifically respectable field of astrophysics that held the best possible answers to the sasquatch phenomenon, and some other paranormal phenomena as well.  Even though extra-terrestrial explanations for earth-based mysteries are a fast track to public ridicule, that didn't bother me one bit. After three decades in public education I knew full well that the world is full of misinformed idiots, and the opinions of such people did not matter to me. What did give me considerable pause, though, was to be suddenly considering these creatures I had been pursuing  as something closer to aliens than apes. Yikes! That'll stop you from trying to grab one by the toe.  
     Are the sasquatch a manifestation of extra-terrestrial life or are they just another product of terrestrial evolution? I don't know but I guess I can live with either possibility.  I can, however, see that humans have a connection to matters in outer space that becomes a little clearer almost every time I read another article about astrophysics.  And, if the sasquatch have an alien connection, as Kewaunee Lapseritis has long suggested, then maybe we do, too.  For years, this idea has been championed by yet another distinguished paranormal researcher: Lloyd Pye  Unlike the other paranormal researchers,  Lloyd Pye has even attempted to supply us with what he considers to be evidence of humanity's alien connection: the Starchild skull.  Lloyd has recently mentioned that he has managed to obtain scientific analysis of his evidence.  He feel that 2011 will be a banner year for his ideas and the evidence he has to back them  up.  I hope he's right.
     Meanwhile, not long ago, I wrote one of these blog posts on the scientific search for extra-solar planets. I mentioned the Kepler orbiting telescope that was projected to be operational in a couple years or less.  Within a matter of days, yet another newspaper article appeared, announcing that the Kepler telescope was operational and still more planets had been located. With every passing week, it seems the news is easing  us closer to the ultimate realization that we are indeed intimately connected with the cosmos, as Carl Sagan told us twenty-five years ago.  I think, for this reason alone, it behooves us to learn as much about extraterrestrial and paranormal  matters as we possibly can.  The work of Lapseritis and Pye may indeed move us in the direction of unifying the sasquatch phenomenon with at least some of the other paranormal phenomena we now study separately.
     After having looked into as many other paranormal matters as possible, I considered the sasquatch mystery to be most interesting because it seemed to me to be the most accessible. It seems so solvable.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I have been warned that it is really the tip of the iceberg.  There is a great deal more to it than what it first appears. Lloyd Pye suggests that the same may even be true for human origins. Mainstream scientists roll their eyes at this, but such ideas also serve to provide a possible answer to the Fermi paradox. 

Jeff Meldrum (l), Powell, and Lloyd Pye
     Enrico Fermi wondered where the ET's were that, by all rights, should be dropping in on planet Earth. Kewaunee Lapseritis has been trying to give us a reasonable answer to that question for years:  They're in the woods! Right outside of town! They're the sasquatch, in which case, us sasquatch researchers are in way over our heads. I'm starting to see his point.

Kewaunee Lapseritis

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  1. All of what you have said is in our Indigenous Histories. Science or scientists don't have anything to prove to us who hold these stories.

  2. Black Haw Mountain:
    Thanks for sharing that. I don't have much access to the Indigenous Histories so it is indeed gratifying to learn that my speculations are so consistent with these accounts. You have paid me the highest compliment. -Thom

  3. Good stuff again Thom. Having read both Lloyd Pye's "Everything You Know Is Wrong" and Kewaunee's "Psychic Sasquatch", I'm very impressed that you are speaking about these things. I've had some correspondence with Lloyd in the past and I found him to be a highly intelligent person who doesn't present his ideas in a frivolous way (nor does he pull any punches when delivering his views. lolol... Nice guy though). A lot of folks will instantly dismiss what you're suggesting Thom, but a lot of us (more than people realize) get what you're saying. :)

  4. What a refreshingly lucid take on the whole ET/Sasquatch relationship. Good stuff!