Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Out-Of-Town-ers

"I don't understand how something that is not flesh and blood can leave footprints. If it is not of this world, why would it want to leave prints?"   -Joapeterson, commenting on the last Thomsquatch post.

        The rule in the blogosphere is that for every person who goes to the trouble of submitting a comment, there are thirty others who feel the same way. So, to "Joapeterson" and the thirty others who have the same question, all I can say is, "That was my question, too."
       Once again, reaearcher Steven Streufert submitted the thought-provoking answer.  Steven writes, " 'Not of this earth' must be figurative speech. Bigfoot operate outside of OUR known world (view of it), but still within the "real" world."
     In other words, we might be able to hang on to a strictly "flesh and blood" view of the bigfoot phenomenon if we look at the wilderness as a 'different world' than the one we live in, which, figuratively speaking, it most certainly is.  As I said in another one of these posts, the answers can get pretty cagey sometimes, especially when we try to quote the creatures themselves.  But this time, the information I was quoting came from  John Keel, a regular, flesh and blood dude, at least while he was still alive.  I don't think Keel was trying to be purposely vague or allegorical. 
     I know a few serious researchers like Henry Franzoni, who feel that the sasquatches must utilize extensive underground hideouts. Here too, it could be said that living underground would be living in a 'different world', and one I wouldn't care for, at that. It would be a depressingly cold, dark, damp uncomfortable world compared to our world of sunlight, fresh air, low humidity, and expansive views, unless they have sophisticted underground technologies that make the subterranean world more comfortable than it seems to us surface-dwellers..  And yet, an 'underground world' if it exists, is undeniably part of our familiar planet. So, here again it becomes possible to live in a 'different world' right here on earth.
     While I cannot ever completely discount the possibility that the 'other worlds' mentioned by Keel are right here on earth, I really think John Keel was being much more literal when he says they are other-worldly.  I think he means, quite simply, that they come from another planet.
     Maybe it is just because I have been an astronomy teacher for so long.  I don't teach only astronomy, but astronomy is a big part of what I teach every year. And there are two things I know from teaching astronomy for twenty six years: 1.) most folks know very little astronomy, and 2.) astronomy has changed a whole bunch in a very short time. 
     First thing everyone should know: It's not even called astronomy any more.  Astro-nomy, the naming of the stars,has been over for a long time. Every star we can see from earth has been named in several different star-naming catalogs.  So, the study of everything beyond the earth is not called 'astronomy' any more, but rather 'astrophysics.' And aside from all the other stuff that has changed in our thinking about space, perhaps the biggest thing of all that has changed is the astrophysicists' thinking about the existence of 'extra-solar planets'.
     Ten short years ago, the first extra-solar planet was discovered around the star Vega, some 54 light years away. Prior to that, there were no know planets outside our solar system, so scientists and religious people alike could agree that the idea of life beyond planet earth was 'paranormal,' not scientific. And that is the biggest recent change in astronomy.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of known extra-solar planets, now. There is even one, discovered only last year, that is decidedly earth-like.  Gleise 581g, only twenty light years away in the direction of the constellation Libra, reside in  the 'Goldilocks zone' of moderate planetary size, moderate distance from a moderate-size star means that it has moderate temperatures, and therefore, liquid water. And with liquid water, Gleise 581g would almost assuredly produce life, sooner or later. This isn't my opinion. This is what astrophysicists are now saying.
     This is a profound game changer. The Kepler orbiting telescope will be operational in another few years, at which time we are likely to witness a cascade of still newer planet discoveries, but we are already aware of enough planets orbiting other stars that it is increasingly certain that the chance of not just life, but intelligent life, elsewhere in our galaxy is a virtual certainty.
     In other words, the idea of life on other planets, given what we now know about astrophysics, is not paranormal any more. It is a virtual likelihood, given the number of known planets, not to mention the ones that are going to be cataloged when the Kepler telescope goes on-line.
     So, when the news reaches our eyes and ears that there are beings on this planet that are 'other-worldly', I think there is strong, mainstream science that supports the view that these 'other worlds' are indeed, other planets.  The only thing that is paranormal about this idea at present, is how they get here from there, since we ourselves do not yet know how to travel long distances in space.
     A few months ago I got a call from Kewaunee Lapseritis who is putting together a new book.  he wanted to know about using a particular photograph, but while I had him on the line, I asked him what, if anything was 'new'.  Lapseritis, author of The Psychic Sasquatch, is the original claimant to the ability to communicate with the sasquatch via some sort of 'coconut telegraph' of psychic energy.  Even though I've always been a science guy, I've read enough to know that the world of psi is not all baloney, even though it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to prove. Anyway, in response to my question, Kewaunee told me quite matter-of-fact-ly that the message he was getting was pretty much the same one as always: 'They' were put here many generations ago, but now they live here like we do.
     Cool. Now let's consider Joapeterson's question in light of all this unverifiable information given to me by the likes of Kewaunee Lapseritis and John Keel. If the consensus of these two sources seems to be that the sasquatch are indeed 'other worldly' in the very literal sense, then the knee-jerk reaction to this news has been all along to label them 'paranormal.'  But, in light of what astrophysicists have learned just in the past few years, the 'other-world' possibility has become much more straight-ahead science. And just because they may or may not be other-worldly in origin, that does not make them any more paranormal than the rest of us in the way they function on good old planet Earth. They may be extraterrestrial in origin, but they live here now, just like we do.  They eat, they sleep, they shit, and they walk on the ground, and we find plenty of evidence  of all four of these of these basic life processes that are attributable to the sasquatch.
     The big question then, is not "Does the sasquatch exist?" but rather "Where are they from?"  I have always assumed that, whether they be ape, human, or some combination thereof, that they evolved right here on planet Earth like we did.  Now I am getting other sources of information that deliver the consistent message that the sasquacth, at least some of them anyway, are from another world, not just in the figurative sense, but maybe in the literal sense. And as an astronomy (oops, astrophysics) teachers, I'm thinking, "What's so paranormal about that?"
     Well. to answer my own question, what's paranormal about beings from another planet is what they are capable of doing that we cannot do. When it comes to sighting report information, most stuff is the run-of-the-mill, "I saw bigfoot dash across the road" kind of stuff that makes the creatures sound pretty terrestrial and pretty ordinary.  But then there are the folks who insist that the creatures could read their minds, that the creatures disappeared into thin air, that they move across the ground as super-human speeds, or that they traveled under water for super-human distances. I have personally listened to witnesses describing all of these claims and more, and I am aware of other sober researchers who have, too.  I don't personally feel that these extraordinary claims require that the creatures originate on another planet, but it certainly does provide another distinct possibility as to why the sasquatch may be able to do so many things that are beyond our human capabilities.
     If every answer leads to another question, which it most certainly does in this particular line of research, then I think I can anticipate the next question I'm going to get if I actually have the nerve to post this blog:

"If they're from somewhere else, what are they doing here?"
     I dunno, but I could come up with some guesses: Keeping an eye on a really nice planet. Keeping an eye on us. Vacationing.  It's not scientific, but it's a fun idea to wonder about.
     If I ever get the chance, I know what I'm going to ask them.


  1. Great blog Thom. And very interesting to think about. Thank you for opening my mind some!

  2. Thom, if you ever decide to venture into the creation of this planet (who, what, why, etc) through a spiritual lens, such as from religions, wise elders from Native tribes, "channeling" sources, ufo sources, and the like, you will perhaps encounter that many of these folks say that the earth was seeded by other-wordly beings. Other-worldly in this case can be whatever you'd like it to mean.

    As such, many of them will state that life here was given to us as a gift and as an experiment to see how we as spiritual beings could adapt to a physical life and "forget" the things we already know. To simplify all of this, at this time, many of us are here to learn and love to the best of our capability. Of course, life can be much more complicated than that. My point is that humans are not the only creatures who must learn of these lessons or paths. Earth is considered a playground for many beings, including our forest friends.

    Pablo (dede95064)

  3. Sweet post.
    About ten years ago, there was a show on PBS (don’t recall if it was Nature or a special) about the Aleutians. The show started with a blurb about the Aleut creation myth: two “hairy beings” fell from the sky to one of the islands, the people are their descendants.

    Back to the post, the underground stuff jumped out at me, because it’s a topic I like. Also in mythology, there’s underground stuff. Coyote lets the first humans out from underground in one story; variants of this story have Raven and someone tall and hairy. There are specific caves that are supposed to be passages to this Underworld, a Spirit World, a concept that crops up across the globe.

    Could it count as a literal ‘other world’? Dunno. Just wanted to toss it out there.

  4. Wow! Thank you Thom for all the information. May I echo Mizzousquatcn's sentiment in that you have opened my mind some. I hope I didn't come across as a closed-minded newbie. I read everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) I can get my hands on. I had a vocalization encounter back in 2001 while camping with my family. I didn't realize what I had heard until recently when I came across the BFRO website. I am a believer. I just want to know who they are. I want to see one so badly. When I look at it from a Native American aspect I can see their seems to be a spiritual side to all this. I love this blog. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

  5. I took stab at some of this.

  6. Why didn't just ask Lapseritis where they come from?

  7. This is a great post, Thom.

    Good humor and accessible thoughts. I recall reading somewhere online that you had posted some information about 'the law of one' or the 'Ra Material'. I found it and devoured it with great interest as it answers the questions of why BF may be consider extra-normal by human standards in a fairly succinct way. In brief, the 'channeled' information, offered by an off-planet, group entity calling themselves 'Ra' explains that the creatures we know as Bigfoot came from the planet Maldek and exist in three forms. Flesh and Blood, (yes, these live in underground facilities) Semi-corporeal (who travel in and out of our dimension) and thirdly, as sort etheric being or 'thought form', all of which apparently possess psychic capabilities. I love this stuff! Anyway, I fully believe that your assessments as to the true nature of Sasquatch(along with Kewaunee's and some others) is the only one that is truly on the cusp of an explanation that covers all the bases.

    Why should an interplanetary Bigfoot be such a strange concept when there is decent research to support the existence of Alien intelligences interacting with humans (ie., abduction events, Military contacts/collusion) for some time? Mr. Lapseritis explains in 'The Sasquatch People' that this is indeed the case, including a complete underground industry, as it were, where BF, Alien Grays and Blonde Humanoids are working at a post apocalyptic future for this planet after us humans screw it up with nuclear 'accident' or war.

    This, by itself may be a depressing consideration, but I'm optimistic that it may still be avoided, with help from the same space brethren who buzz nuke silos and disable them at will. Good stuff, keep it coming Thom!