Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Barackman Footage:

Did 'Finding Bigfoot' Succeed Without Realizing it?

Blobsquatch (top center) photo-bombs Cliff's scene
 in last Sunday's Finding Bigfoot episode.

     When you life is an X-files episode, the synchronicities just keep on happening. Here is yet another one:
     On Sunday night, I had a cameo appearance in an episode of Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot.'  On Monday morning, I sat down at my cluttered desk at Robert Gray Middle School and opened an e-mail from a person named Connie:
I can't believe I am doing this, but I didn't know who else to contact.
On Finding bigfoot, the episode you were in, there's a point in which I think they filmed bigfoot.
Its just after Bobo speaks to Renae and it goes into Cliff solo investigation. Cliff is walking through the meadow and to his right is a line of trees, if you follow a line straight up from Cliff toward the top of the screen you can see it. Its a dark bipedal figure beside a tree.   
You know Cliff and I thought you might get a straight answer.  Until this episode I hadn't heard of your books, but I plan on reading them soon.
     I happened to to be conversing with Cliff by way of a group-text-thingy that included Guy Edwards, Mike Leone, and Kirk Sigurdsen. I told Cliff about the message from Connie and he replied to the effect that he gets about one of those blobsquqatch-in-the-camera-field-of-view messages every week.  Still, Mike Leone offered to try and isolate the shape when he viewed the episode which he had saved on his DVR.
      When he got home, Mike had absolutely no problem finding the blobsquatch using Connie's excellent directions. Mike was immediately impressed with Connie's sharp eye. He isolated the clip and sent us all a copy. Here it is:
                            (Pause  at the 4 second mark and go straight up from Cliff's head.)
                                           ****Apparently removed by the proprietor****

     Now, anybody who has been at this bigfoot game for more than a week knows about 'blobsquatches'; those indistinct forms that people are always finding in outdoor videos.  Sasquatch enthusiasts have their own form of pareidolia in which they interpret every stump and shadow as a sasquatch in hiding. Still, after after viewing the clip that Mike Leone isolated, even the appropriately skeptical Cliff agreed that it was certainly a bipedal form that briefly manifests itself on camera. Oddly, it did not get spotted by video editors, and despite the many hours of other footage that could have been used, the blobsquatch shot made the final cut!   Cliff was not certain, but speculated that it may be a crew member who accidentally ended up in the shot, which was taken from a helicopter, by the way. 
     OK, I've seen enough episodes of 'Finding Bigfoot' that I know what has to be done here.   
     They have to launch an investigation of what I'm calling 'The Barackman Footage." Of course, it starts with a Town Hall Meeting.  In this case, the meeting will be attended by all the cast and crew members who were on the scene.  They are going to watch the clip and figure out which yobo accidentally put themself in the shot. I'd be willing to bet nobody admits to it.  Hell, I worked with the Finding Bigfoot crew.  They were very professional and very aware of their surroundings at all times.  Everybody knew their job and did it well.  Would one of the crew or cast have stumbled into the shot and the video-editors missed it when they edited the shots? Cliff thinks it's possible, so this will have to be thoroughly investigated.  They'll have to go back to the exact spot and take measurements of the tree that the bipedal form is standing against. They will have to find the master copy of the video and enlarge and analyze the image as much as possible. At least this once, they won't have to negotiate a price on the raw video.  They already own it.
     I showed some students in my classroom the image and they speculated that the shape of the legs suggested a pair of baggy shorts. On the other hand, they puzzled over the broad frame of the torso and the lack of color and contrast in the putative clothing. The 'Finding Bigfoot' team needs to investigate this thoroughly.  After all, their reputation is riding on this.  If they can rule out humans, then Finding Bigfoot did what they set out to do at the shows inception: find bigfoot!  Oddly enough, if it is a bigfoot, it might be more accurately stated that 'bigfoot found them.' 
     The irony of that thought is certainly not lost on me, for one of the 'crazy Thom' statements I made on camera in that very episode was that, "I don't look for bigfoot. I let bigfoot find me."  Is it possible that such event actually occurred on the same episode in which I made that statement?  That seems too incredible to be true. Bear in mind though, that every time I'm involved in the show, weird things happen.  A couple years ago they filmed a bunch of shots in the woods at my house, then the tape containing all the shots they worked so hard to accumulate mysteriously disappeared! It was never found. They hade to reshoot the entire day's work. Bizzarre.
     Do I think the blobsquatch in Cliif's scene is the real deal? Not really. But I still say it needs to be investigated further, becauseethat is what the show is about: verification.  One of the many ironies of this event is the idea that they now have to investigate some footage from their very own show.  Another irony is the thought that bigfoot may have found them and shown itself just as they were looking in another direction, exactly as I suggested on camera. Another key idea that many contemporary researchers embrace, is the idea that the sasquatch can be in your immediate, but you cannot see them. The camera, however, faithfully records their presence,  As my buddy Ron Lewis would say, "The camera doesn't have a mind to trick." It's a 'woo-woo' thought, I know, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
     If the 'Barackman footage' does pass muster, that would be at least one 'Crazy Thom' idea that was not so crazy after all. Better yet, Cliff would have the Christmas card photo he alwasy wanted: he and a bigfoot in the same shot.
     I'm not living under any illusions. it probably won't rise to the level of authenticity but let's investigate this video anomoly and see where it goes. If it does hold water, it won't be the first time someone got photo-bombed by a bigfoot. And of course, there's the ultimate irony: Bigfoot found (and photo-bombed) the high-profile team that set out to find the bigfoot!

(It was a blast being involved in the taping of an episode. Thanks to the producers, but especially Cliff, for getting me involved. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional outfit. Now that you may have found Bigfoot, what are you going to do next?)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Life is an X-Files Episode

Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

      TV shows are supposed to enable us to escape reality.  Which is why I never liked the X-Files. Every episode of X-files I did watch bears so many similarities to my own life that it is really quite disturbing. I find myself  wondering whether Chris Carter, the show's creator, is somehow spying on my life.       

     In hopes of getting to the bottom of this weird coincidence, I needed to know where the writers of X-files,especially the show's creator Chris Carter, were getting their material.  I looked up 'Chris Carter' on the internet. I found out that Chris Carter and I were a year apart in age, and we had similar upbringings, and we shared many of the same interests, particularly our interest in investigating and writing about the paranormal and the supernatural.

Chris Carter
Christopher Lloyd
     Granted, the similarities between my life and the X-files only goes so far.  My life has no gun battles and not much high drama, but really bizarre coincidences are always happening to me as I pursue paranormal entities, and even learn how to communicate with them.  At times those same paranormal entities, and maybe agents of 'the government' seem overly interested in my X-files-like life. Not to overstate the parallels. I have no smokin' hot sidekick like Gillian Anderson's character, Agent Dana Scully.  The best I can do in the 'investigative partner department' is an occasional alliance with some homely dude like Guy Edwards or Cliff Barackman. I don't carry a gun or a badge. No car chases. Only a couple arrests, but lots and lots of conversations with police and government agents.
Hugh Laurie
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
What a team: He's no Gillian Anderson but I'm no David Duchovny
    I don't look anything like David Duchovny. (More like the "House" character played by Hugh Laurie, or maybe Christopher Lloyd in 'Back to the Future'.)   Still, every time I tuned in to the X-files, the parallels were so legion that it bugged me.  I couldn't stand to watch it.  David Duchovny's character, Fox Mulder, even used some of the same pet phrases that I am given to use.  Fox Mulder once used the line, "Ever seen a UFO in these parts?"  I love walking into a country bar and breaking the ice with someone at the bar with the line, "Ever see a bigfoot in these parts?"  "The truth is out there," is one of Fox Mulder's pet phrases.  My favorite saying is "Truth is stranger than fiction."  Not exactly the same, I know, but still...
     The Fox Mulder and Dana Scully characters did investigate the connection between the sasquatch and the ETs like I did.  It was not critcally acclaimed but they did do a bigfoot episode.  I have not seen it. Nor do I want to. My life is a bigfoot episode. Actually, my life is is more of a hybrid combination of Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' and  Fox's 'X-files'. I spent fifteen years investigating bigfoot reports off-and-on before the show Finding Bigfoot ever aired.  When it did appear, it was also so disturbingly similar to my life I couldn't stand to watch it.  Have spent so much time hanging out with Matt Moneymaker,  Cilff Barackman, and Bobo, I noticed they also used some of my sayings and phrases.  "I don't mind other guys going paranormal with their bigfoot research." Cliff is given to say.  "That means I don't have to." Another one: "I don't chase bigfoot, anymore.  I let bigfoot find me." It's weird when you hear your own words coming out of the TV's speakers. 
     Eventually, my pursuit of the bigfoot phenomenon widened to include the entire paranormal realm.  That's when my life really went 'X-files'.  I didn't let it bother me.  Indeed, I realize that, if paranormal stuff makes a popular TV show, I should start writing some memoirs, that is, the 'X-files' elements in my own life story.  So,  I got busy and wrote what eventually became my latest book, Edges of Science. Now, it is done and published, and each of the the eleven chapters is essentially a real life episode of X-files from my own life.  
     At one point I was writing a chapter about the paranormal mysteries inherent in the enigmatic Anasazi culture.  I took a break from my writing and turned on the TV. I flipped to an X-files rerun.  To my amazement, Agent Mulder was journeying to the Anasazi ruins of New Mexico in hopes of verifying his suspicion that the extraterrestrials were hiding out right here on earth.  I shut off the TV. "Oh great," I thought. "Now Chris Carter has hacked into my hard drive."
     I guess I don't care, anymore.  I finally finished writing Edges of Science.  It reads like a full season of X-files episodes.  My view agrees perfectly with that of Agent Fox Mulder.  The ETs are dug in to enclaves that are scattered throughout the earth.  David Duchovny's character, Fox Mulder is right.  Gillian Anderson's character, Agent Scully, the sexy skeptic, is wrong. Sexy, but wrong. 
     I should send Chris Carter a copy of Edges of Science, but it seems like he already has one.  Most of my chapters mirror episodes of his iconic science fiction series.  There's only one difference, and it's a big difference: Chris Carter's X-file TV show is all fake.  It's great science fiction but it's still fiction. 
     Edges of Science, on the other hand, is fact. Every word of it actually happened to me. The pace is a little slower in real life. What Chris Carter portrays in an hour unfolds in my life in something like a year.  So, in about fifteen years I lived about a full season of X-files episodes. Which is why I cannot watch X-files and why I cannot watch 'Finding Bigfoot' very much, either. For me, it's all too real. I watch TV to escape my life, not to relive it. 
     Maybe I'll watch some 'House' reruns instead. 
Cover art by Guy Edwards


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thom Powell to Appear on 'Finding Bigfoot' TV Show This Sunday

     Last June I participated in the taping of an Oregon-based episode of the long-running cable TV show, Finding Bigfoot. Cliff and I camped in a secret bigfoot hot-spot in the Clackamas River drainage and tried some bigfoot attraction strategies with cameras rolling.  You will have to watch the episode to find out how effective our attraction strategies were.
    Originally, the episode was going to air at the end of last summer. Then, they started saying the show was going off the air,and the episode I contributed to would not have been aired at all. Then they got picked up for another season, so they resurrected the Oregon episode, but moved it to the new season.   Maybe their plan was to anchor the whole new season around my dazzling performance, or they held off airing my episode last season because that would actually improve their chances of getting picked up for another season.  I'm not sure which it was. We'll let the viewers decide. 
     In any event, if you want a good laugh, tune in to Animal Planet at 10 p.m. on Sunday, January 31to see how us Oregon bigfoot enthusiasts go about Finding Bigfoot. Here are some photos I shot on location during the taping:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



CIA Lifts Truth Embargo; Posts UFO Files on Their Website!

     It’s the moment UFO fans have been waiting for -  the CIA has hand-selected some formerly top-secret files and photos to ‘prove’ extraterrestrials exist.
Sadly for extraterrestrial fans, the files are a bit lacking in alien autopsies and crashed flying saucers - but they’re a fascinating insight into the height of the ‘flying saucer’ era.
The CIA released the files - seemingly to coincide with the new X-Files episodes - provoking disbelief on UFO websites.
     Mind you, for the past half-century, the CIA has tenaciously maintained a position of 'plausible deniability'.  Have they really decided to "come clean" now, just because they don't want David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to steal their thunder with the newly-released upgrade on the old X-Files TV show?  Don't take my word for it. I'm just a run-of-the-mill blogger on paranormal matters.
     Rather, let's go to a definitive source.  Here is a link (click here) to the CIA's very own website, specifically a 'Library' page that details the newly released documents that are now available for public inspection.  Unless someone has elaborately hacked the CIA's website, it appears to be completely legit.

Photos associatedd with sightings investigated by the CIA
(all photos courtesy of CIA)
     One report, entitled, "Flying Saucers" and dated 1 August 1952, says, ‘Less than 100 reasonably credible reports remain ‘unexplainable’ at this time. It is recommended that CIA surveillance be continued.'
‘It is strongly urged, however, that no reports of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public.
The CIA said, ‘We’ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting.'
     Such documents often prove disappointing to hardcore UFO fans, according to one expert.
Nigel Watson, author of The UFO Investigations Manual, said last year, ‘At least 10,000 UFO reports collected by the US, Project Blue Book, have been put online and many other governments have released their UFO files.
     Naturally, we can be quite confident that whatever material has been officially released is far from their "best stuff".  The most stunning revelations will, for the time being, remain locked away and out of sight. Still, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I would, instead, like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my good friends in U.S. government and intelligence circles for making the courageous decision to even partially lift the long-held truth embargo.
     Full disclosure: my gratitude, however sincere, is also a bit self-serving.  I recently published the book Edges of Science which, among other things, chronicles some remarkable UFO-related incidents.  The official acknowledgements of UFO activity are another big step in the direction of giving some long-sought credibility to the work that I, and many others, have been doing for quite some time (see below).  I said it before but I will say it again: Thank you, U.S. Government! Oh, and this to the web developers at CIA: Nice website!   Thanks also to YahooNews for contributing information to this blog post.

Both front and back cover art by gifted
graphic artist Guy Edwards
Note the bit of humor that was surreptitiously added to the
back cover: That's Thom Powell proudly wearing a CIA golf shirt
that was given to him by agency personnel during a recent visit to Ohio.
With the CIA's new degree of openness now being a matter of
record, I wear it more proudly than ever.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Truth Embargo

     Between 1947 and 1953 the U. S. Government became highly committed to keeping all information on ETs and UFOs concealed from the population at large.  For the ensuing sixty years this effort has been largely successful, although the shroud of secrecy has been gradually eroded by the persistence of many individuals over the years who have investigated and published books that seriously treated the idea that the government is keeping its information on the subject under wraps. This is what's known as 'the truth embargo'.  One long time advocate of this view is Laurance Rockefeller, who has championed an intiative for full disclosure called the Rockefeller Initiative.  
Hillary Clinton and Laurence Rockefeller in 1995.  Clinton is holding a copy of Are We Alone: Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life by Paul Davies.

    This initiative has gained greater attention as the message is given serious discussion by political figures like Hillary Clinton and  John Podesta, a former adviser of Barack Obama and chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. In a  recent article in an on-line publication called The Observer, Robin Seemangal reveals a statement made by democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that, if elected, she would like to get to the bottom of the allegations of a long standing truth embargo on the ET subject within the U.S. Government. “Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it” said Clinton when questioned on the subject by reporter Daymond Steer.“I think we may have been visited already. We don’t know for sure.”  Click here to see the entire article by Robin Seemangal. 
     Personally, I have no access to secret government information but I have spent fifteen years independently investigating whatever evidence I could gather that spoke to the issue of whether extraterrestrials may or may not have some involvement in the affairs of humanity.  While my evidence cannot be described as incontrovertible, it does paint a compelling picture of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth that dates back to the dawn of humanity. It's all there in my latest book, Edges of Science, published by Willamette City Press.  To summarize, my personal findings are completely consistent with the considered opinions of Laurence Rockefeller, Steven Greer, Stanton Friedman, and many others who have taken up the cause of 'full disclosure'.  And so, I will take this opportunity to offer praise and support for these courageous individuals.  I also applaud candidate Hillary Clinton for having the courage to broach this politically risky issue at a campaign appearance in New Hampshire.   Full disclosure: I'm a registered Democrat, so I already support Clinton the candidate, but her recent statements to the editorial board of New Hampshire's Conway Daily Sun are another big reason why I support Clinton's candidacy.  
     If my political affiliations have not alienated you, consider checking out my latest book, Edges of Science, which treats this and several other fascinating subjects that are loosely categorized as 'paranormal.'  No matter what your political tendency,  Edges of Science will probably alien-ate you!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

State Trooper: I Feed Bigfoots and They Have a Language

A former state trooper from Washington said on Wednesday that he is currently in contact with several Bigfoot creatures and that he feeds them food regularly.
 The man, who provided a full name but chose to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that the encounters have been happening since 2009 in a remote area in the North Cascades.
“Sometimes it is just 5 to 10 minutes, other times they stay for hours,” he said. “I leave them food and they visit,” he continued.
From apples to carrots, to beef jerky, cookies and candy bars, the ex-law enforcement officer claims the creatures eat it all and leave him alone.
The man says he was looking for an old mine in the mountains the first time he came across the alleged beings in 2009.
After leaving the food out there for them, he says, they seem to have started following him and getting closer.
“I have been as close as 20 feet to some of them.”
He reports he was so close to them that he was able to catch some of their “language” in two different occasions.
“They sounded similar to Native American and Asian mix,” he explained, adding that he speaks “some Asian and Native American Salish” himself.
The creatures reportedly stand between 6 and 7 feet tall and probably weight around 500 pounds, females being a little lighter.
“They have a human-like face, some with dark hair, others red or brown, probably about 3 to 4 inches long. The females had small breasts,” the man, also a former Army Special Forces soldier, explained.
And he says he is not the only one to have seen the creatures in the area. Numerous people have also purportedly seen them while accompanying the man.
“When I am alone, they are close. When others are with me, they stay 75 to 100 feet away. Females come the closest to me. They like some people and some they do not?”
The former state trooper says the creatures have never presented a threat to him and that he leaves them alone and is not interested in hunting them or gathering physical evidence.
“I am not in the forest to seek them, I look for something else. However, they appear to be getting closer to me each time,” he said. “I do not try and take their
picture or bother them in anyway.”
As to what these beings really are, the man believes he has a theory.
“I think they may be a primitive human species that we know very little about. They appear to me very intelligent.”
Florida resident John Bird last year claimed to feed Bigfoot potatoes and plantains on a regular basis.
In the spring of 1982, a soldier training at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Missouri claimed to have spotted a 7-feet-tall creature with brown hair that resembles the former state trooper’s alleged sighting.
The North Cascades, also known as the Cascade Mountains, lay between British Columbia and Washington state. Portions on the United States side of the range are part of the North Cascades National Park.
Earlier this week, there were reports revealing the intentions of the U.S. Army to annex part of the region as a helicopter training area, drawing criticism from the Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics.
Update: Shortly after the publication of this article, another man claiming to be a law enforcement officer working in the “isolated areas of Washington state” contacted Cryptozoology News hoping to get in contact with the original eyewitness of this story. The man provided his full name and maintained to have had Bigfoot encounters that he says “wishes to keep” to himself. He did not elaborate on the purported encounters.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

  Sasquatch Summit:

         The Myth Is Truer Than the Math

Thank you Cindy Rose Caddell for supplying these photos!
       Johnny Manson's 2015 Sasquatch Summit had a huge turnout; probably the largest assembly of sasquatch enthusiasts in the western United States.  The only larger gathering I've seen was Marc DeWerth's Salt Fork Conference in Ohio.
     Johnny asked me to speak about my research.  Having heard a lot of these presentations in the past, I just could not bring myself to say what most others were saying:"Here's how to go out in the field, collect some evidence that helps prove that the sasquatch is real. (Then, please, send it to me!)"
     Being a contrarian by nature, I decided to rock the boat; that is, I went 'paranormal' with my remarks.  I said that the sasquatch were but one vegetable in a larger paranormal stew. If you want to understand the sasquatch, I said, you have to study the other ingredients in the stew.  I expected awkward silences and maybe even some outraged attendees getting up in the middle of my talk and leaving.
     To my amazement, the opposite occurred. A few laugh lines  always helps, but, overall,  my 'paranormal stew' message was pretty well received. I think the times are changing. The thinking is evolving. Paranormal ideas are definitely gaining some traction with the population at large.
     I met more people at the Sasquatch Summit than I can even remember. One person who was there, though I'm not sure I ever met her, was Johnny Manson's mom. After the conference, Johnny sent me his mom's summary of my talk. I was blown away. It's a beautiful combination of poetry and  prose.  It was truly profound. I think Johnny's  mom should have been a speaker. Here is her 'take away' on my presentation:

Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 6:38 AM
To: johnny
From: mom
Subject: the spirit in the woods

  From what i could hear of Powell's talk,
  he dared to go down the paranormal road, where we all live, unknowingly,
  where we have always lived. Paranormal doesn't describe the entwining threads in the tapestry.
  Quantum mechanics may begin to describe it for us,
  but isn't it something we have always known and feared:
  the realms of ghosts and aliens?
  Both are real, not just imagined.
  Usually defined by fear.
  When you learn about it, when you get to know a thing,
  It is not a monster after all, but Carlos Castaneda's gnat.
  Fear magnifies and distorts.
  When Carolina, Tammy, Lefty and I walked all the way to the river,
  we found this place.
  See the spirits?
  They walk beside us. We do not know it.
  In the Book of Thomas, not included in the Bible,
  Thomas asks Jesus when the world will end.
  Jesus patiently replies that the world will not end,
  the kingdom is right in front of us, but we cant see it.
  String theory allows these kingdoms, other realms,
  and they are not empty.
  One does not build a house of life to be vacant.
  250 million stars, they estimate, born every day.
  Creation is constant,
  and layered, in fine webs, and all connected.
  Sometimes the myth is truer than the math.